3 Life-changing Innovative Technologies

The world is in fast progress. Day by day, every single thing is changing with drastic speed. Things that seemed impossible a decade ago, today are part of everyday life, and things that seemed irreplaceable, today can easily be replaced with better, improved technologies.

For instance, in the 1990s, who could imagine about smartphones? Now, anyone has one. What’s more, today you can use your smartphone without even touching it. Or it was out of any imagination to contact and see someone located far. Today, you can see and connect to anyone anywhere, anytime with video calls via multiple apps and programs.

Going deeper, let’s discuss several technologies that are worth being noted.

Blockchain is Changing Everything around

Yet being at the experimental stage of development, blockchain is already involved in almost all spectors of our lives. From financial sector and secure communications to travelling and healthcare: blockchain is revolutionizing everything in its road.

But what is it? Blockchain technology is an internet-based digital protocol that is owned by no one. It’s a record of transactions that cannot be altered without the collusion of everyone involved, and it’s spread across a number of devices that are joined by a network.

Changing everything around, blockchain makes financial transactions fast, secure, verifiable and without any intermediaries. It improves cybersecurity: all the data is verified and encrypted in blockchain using advanced cryptography. This makes it resistant to unauthorized changes and hacks. In healthcare, blockchain helps to store all the medical information in a central secure database, facilitating its usage and increasing the security.

Touch without Touching with Gesture Control

Car HUD gesture control is an IR motion sensor allowing drivers to use simple hand gestures to perform various actions. This innovative technology allows you to use your phone without touching it while driving, simply swipe your hand horizontally to the left or right. What’s more, this technology permits to control the music with a simple gesture; horizontally left or right motion.

In order to make a call or send a message with vertically up motion, you simply need to launch your favorite voice control – Google or Siri. Gesture Control is a standalone device, working on every car. It’s effectively used with car HUD display.

Machine Learning and AI is Improving Our Lives

Machine learning and Artificial Learning (AI) is sensational innovation. With machine learning technology tools, nowadays people are more productive, healthier and happier than ever before. This innovation is impacting everyday life in lots of ways.

Machine learning and AI-equipped tools can access and store more data than people. They can identify trends and use those insights to develop solutions for any environmental issue. Next way of AI usage are robots have now taken over bomb disposal and other dangerous tasks. AI-enabled robots will soon take over all these tasks and save thousands of lives.

AI-enabled robots may also be used in healthcare sphere. Hospitals will use machine learning to reduce hospital-related illnesses and accidents and aid in treating patients. Doctors will also use AI to tackle some of the intractable problems with the administration of medicine.

Overall, these technologies improve life quality, let people spend less time on unnecessary things, and cut the daily stress. These innovations are the future and are here to help us focus on life joys more.

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