2018 FIFA World Cup Will Become A Blockchain-Based Betting Platform

CryptoCup which is a project creating a blockchain-powered betting platform for the forthcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, has declared that it will reveal the item on May 21st.

The mentioned project has likewise declared that Greg Colvin, the coordinator of the partnership of Ethereum Magicians and core developer of Ethereum Virtual Machine, has joined Cryptocup in the role of the advisor. Also, Coinfabrik, the designers of Jaxx and RSK wallets, have inspected the project’s smart contracts and went along with it in the limit of partners to administer the specialized piece of Cryptocup.

The project is experimental: it is based on the rarely used ERC721 token standard, which guarantees that tokens are non-fungible and can’t be moved to some extent. Cryptocup utilizes them to record their clients’ forecasts with regards to the course of the World Cup. The project likewise offers to play an express game which would expect one to figure all Top 4 national teams.

The tokens of the platform will stay saleable only for all period of the World Cup. The executives of the project mention that as soon as the games will end, on July 23rd, all tokens having winning predictions will be rewarded.

Token holders will have the capacity to offer or get them for a little expense, in this manner profiting or improving their odds to win. The model infers twofold unpredictability chances as the cost of every token will change after each game. In any case, the individuals who know their soccer may really profit by it.

Each CryptoCup token isan e-ticket that cannot be stolen, feigned or changed. This, as indicated by the creator, ensures that this game is provably reasonable and totally straightforward, which varies it significantly from normal games wagering.

In order to join the game, one would just have to buy and fill in the ticket-token. Over the first week of the sale, it will cost 0.045 ETH, with the price going up every subsequent week.



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