What People Purchase with Cryptocurrency

What People Purchase with Cryptocurrency


People mostly use crypto to buy clothing and food, Visual Objects firm’s published survey states.

The survey has found that despite 1/3 of people think crypto is used on illegal items, people mainly use crypto on food and clothing purchases. Survey had 983 participants familiar with crypto.

16% of surveyed people have invested in crypto and 70% of crypto owners prefer Bitcoin. 72% of them mentioned that they have spent crypto on daily purchases: 38% have spent crypto to purchase food, and 34% to purchase clothes. In addition, 26% of people have spent their crypto on weapons (15%) and drugs (11%).

The list of most common purchases made with crypto is the following: food – 38%, clothing – 34%, stocks – 29%, gold – 21%.

Top cryptocurrencies people own
Top cryptocurrencies people own visualobjectscom

The survey has also listed the most popular cryptocurrencies that people own. On the first place is Bitoin (70%), then comes Ethereum with 27%, followed by Litecoin (20%).

What people purchase with cryptocurrency
What people purchase with cryptocurrency visualobjectscom

Cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular and get involved in every specter of our lives day by day. To learn about the first and most popular crypto asset, Bitcoin, check Bitcoin Price. To stay up to date with the latest BTC price and crypto market movements, check out Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions.

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