Pibexa Review – A Close Look at Pibexa Before You Sign Up

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Pibexa is one of the hundreds of online brokers that provide you with access to forex and cryptocurrency CFDs trading. Of course, CFDs trading remains the most popular type of trading to this day and millions of people are interested in doing that every single day from all corners of the world. So, with such an increased demand of forex and cryptocurrency CFDs trading, you can expect things to go a bit awry in terms of the offers from online brokers. Some will be honest with you while others will try to make things difficult for you. When it comes to Pibexa, it is often called one of the best by its traders.

Why do its traders love its trading platform so much? Is there something that can make you interested in signing up with this online broker? Let’s find out by having a close look at every option that this broker has to offer.

A Close Look at Everything Pibexa Offers

Evaluating the Trading Conditions

That’s the first thing you are supposed to do before you sign up with an online broker. You have to see what the trading conditions are like. Why do you have to look at this particular factor? Well, trading conditions tell you how easy or difficult it will be for you to make money with a broker. Flexible trading conditions mean that you will be able to make a lot of money with the broker even if you are new to trading. So, you have to know the many factors that help you find out what the trading conditions are like with a broker before you sign up.

The first thing you should know about this broker is that you will never be out of money when you sign up with it. When you trade with the broker, you will take advantage of the policy that returns you 10% of whatever amount you invest in the trade. With that, you will never find your trading account with the broker go below zero. If you do not know already, yes, your trading account can go in minus with many online brokers. That can make things difficult for you because you lose your heart, do not feel like trading anymore, and are in no mood to deposit money only to clear the negative balance.

Secondly, you will be able to trade a variety of digital currency pairs. That’s what you need when you are going into forex and cryptocurrency CFDs trading purely. You have a variety of financial markets where you can trade any assets of your choice. You can choose from commodities, stocks, and even indices. In those markets, you get a lot of opportunity to diversify your portfolio. When you trade with Pibexa, you will only be trading currency pairs. Does this mean you will never have a chance to diversify your portfolio? That’s not the case when you sign up with this broker. It gives you enough currency pairs on the table that you can diversify your portfolio only within currencies.

Now, if you sign up with the two advanced accounts, there are some other great perks waiting for you. For example, one of the gripes that traders usually have with their brokers is the commissions they charge on every transaction. In most cases, when you withdraw money from your trading account, the broker asks for a commission. It seems weird when you have already paid the broker in the form of spreads or a commission on your trade. However, with most other brokers, you have no way to get rid of this commission. When you withdraw your money, you will have to give this commission to the broker.

You will not have to face such rigidity when you sign up with Pibexa. This broker makes things easy for its traders in every shape and form. So, if you do not want to spend money one every withdrawal from your account, you can go with the advanced account type. You will not have to pay even a single penny on your transaction when you sign up with one of the advanced account types. Last but not least, if you sign up with one of these accounts, you will also get a huge 100% bonus on the deposit you make in your account.

Knowing the Ease of Banking

Is banking such a difficult thing to do that you have to confirm how easy or difficult it is with a broker? Well, it should not be a difficult thing but many brokers have made it tough for their traders. So, when you sign up with those brokers, you find out that there are not many methods available for you to fund your account. The availability of only a few ways to deposit funds in your account tells a lot about the broker. Perhaps, the broker you are signing up with is not that established right now and that’s why it does not have many deposit methods to offer to you.

When you sign up with Pibexa, you will notice that the broker has done everything to make banking easy for you. First of all, you can use a credit card to deposit funds in your account. You can use this same card to withdraw funds as well. You can use a MasterCard or Visa credit card if you like, the choice is yours to make. In addition to that, you can also transfer money in your account through bank wire transfer. This might be a little slow method of funding your account, but it is one of the safest ones out there. Last but not least, Pibexa is one of the few brokers that allow you to use Skrill for making deposits in your account.

In short, depositing money should not be an issue for you after signing up with Pibexa. The most important thing you have to know is that the website of the broker has proper SSL security protocol. This means, every piece of information you provide on the website is going to get encrypted. This encryption will save your information from being stolen and traded on the internet. You have to make sure that you provide complete and accurate personal details when it comes to withdrawing money from your account for the first time.

Verifying the Trader Help

Online brokers have many ways of helping their traders make money or at least become easy with trading. You have to realize that a huge population that wants to trade today consists of people who are new to trading. Online brokers understand this factor fully. They realize that a lot of people that are coming to sign up with them are new traders. In the light of that, you would expect every online broker to have something to help the traders. A new trader cannot step into trading without this help. Only a broker like Pibexa can think of its traders with so much care.

If you look the options offered by this broker, you will realize easily that it helps its traders in every possible manner. For example, when you look at the amount that’s required to sign up with the broker, it is quite small for the first two basic accounts. For silver and gold accounts, you will only have to deposit $250 and $1000 respectively to activate those accounts. These amounts are small enough to accommodate traders from everywhere in the world, and even students who might not have huge savings. In addition to that, regardless of which account you sign up with, the ebook and training academy options are included.

Now, here is another thing that this broker does but not many others. If you look at the particulars of advanced accounts, you will notice that there is an addition of account managers as well. Yes, if you sign up with those accounts, you will have an account manager to help you with your account related issues. It is just a great feeling to know that there is someone always there to help you when you are trading. What makes things even more interesting is that you have this dedicated account manager included with the gold account as well. Yes, you will have a dedicated account manager helping you with your accounts if you can just deposit $1000 in your account.

Measuring the Friendliness of the Trading Platform

You are recommended not to pick any broker unless you have fully understood the trading platform you will be given access to. At this point, you should know that most online brokers have different trading platforms. While some stick with the industry-standard training platforms like MetaTrader 4, there are some that offer you their own trading platforms. In short, you can expect anything from the broker you are signing up with. So, it makes sense to know about the trading platform before you shell out your money and sign up with one of the many account types.

In the case of Pibexa, you will be glad to know that this broker has responded perfectly to traders’ requirements. It has brought to them two different types of trading platforms. The first and most preferred one is the web-based trading platform. This is the best trading platform for someone who wants to experience uniformity while trading and switches a lot between various devices. In addition to that, if you travel the world a lot, the web based trading platform will be perfect for you. That’s what you are getting from this broker. This web-based trading platform is there for you to take advantage of no matter where you are in the world.

In addition to that, you it contains everything that you as a trader should expect from your trading platform. For example, if you are looking for an easy mechanism to place your trades, you will love this trading platform. You can place an order with just a single click on the chart. You will also be glad to know that this advanced trading platform operates without any delays. So, the price you see on your dashboard is the price of the asset in real time.

Now, if you want a different experience and are usually trading on your mobile phone, then the web-based trading platform might not be the best option for you. In the case of a mobile user, the best trading platform is one that has been created for the smartphone. With such a trading platform, you can trade at lightning fast speeds and enjoy trading on the go. Pibexa understood the expectation of its traders and gave them the dedicated trading platform as well. You can download this trading platform on your smartphone and enjoy the same features that you do on a dedicated desktop software or a web-based trading platform.

The best thing is that you will not even have to worry about any compatibility issues. If you are an iPhone user, you can download the iPhone version of the application. If you are an Android phone user, you will be able to download the application from Google Play Store. In short, the broker has made sure that it provides it traders with everything they need rather than forcing them to use what it has to offer. It does not matter whether you download the application or go with the web-based version, you will enjoy uniformity in trading because they have all been designed with intuitiveness in mind.

Final Thoughts

You can see that all the important things that should matter to new traders have been taken care of by Pibexa really well. The broker is doing serious business without causing its traders to do things that do not make them any money. It has simplified not just trading but also banking for them. When you trade with Pibexa, you can expect to win a trade and walk away with the profit. Did you know you can order a debit card from the broker and withdraw your money through this card like you withdraw money from your regular debit card?

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