Trade Like a Pro: 10 of The Best Sites to Buy Cryptocurrency
Not sure which sites are the best sites to buy cryptocurrency? We’ve got you covered with our handy guide to cryptocurrency sites.

If someone told you invisible money would become popular ten years ago, would you have believed them?

Probably not. In fact, many thought bitcoin and cryptocurrency would die out within the first year it was introduced. But as we’ve seen, the bitcoin is still here. In fact, the world of cryptocurrency has expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry.

So how on earth do you get your hands on something invisible and intangible? Where do you get your first bitcoin?

We’ve compiled a handy list of 10 best sites to buy cryptocurrency. These platforms help you turn your real cash into digital gold. Or, digital coins rather.

Keep reading to find the best crypto exchange site for you.


Top 10 Best Sites to Buy Cryptocurrency

For this list, we’re only including sites that allow you to buy cryptocurrency using regular money (or “fiat”).

There are plenty of sites that allow you to trade the existing bitcoin you own for other forms of cryptocurrency. But we aren’t focusing on those right now. This post is a resource for people looking to pay cash for crypto–though some of these exchange sites also allow you to trade.

Unless otherwise specified, most crypto exchange sites will also serve as an online “wallet” to store your bitcoin for you. If a site doesn’t offer crypto storage, you’ll have to download a separate wallet app from another provider.

Enough preamble, let’s get into it:



Coinbase is one of the most recognized cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

You can buy bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin with regular currency through this platform. You can store your cryptos through the Coinbase wallet app. Or, you can trade cryptocurrencies through their GDAX subsidiary website.

Coinbase is available in most countries, and they protect all their stored coins with insurance. Unfortunately, their GDAX trading site is too complicated for most newbies and is only available in some places. But other than that, Coinbase is a great place to buy cryptocurrency.

Most people new to bitcoin start with Coinbase. Think of this platform as the Chase Bank of cryptocurrency. It’s a well-recognized name with a long track record of great service.


If all you want is a simple place to buy cryptocurrency with normal money, Coinmama is the place for you.

Their exchange rates are higher than some other places, but their user interface is amazingly easy to understand. They’re reliable, simple, and have a great reputation in the crypto exchange industry. You can buy crypto here with debit, credit, or cash via Moneygram.

This is not the website to use if you’re looking for somewhere to trade cryptocurrencies. Coinmama is strictly for exchanging your local currency for bitcoin and other common cryptos.

Hey, if you prefer to buy cryptos yourself and then let machines like binance trading bot make your trades for you be our guest.

Sometimes it pays to keep things simple, you know? Less room for error.


This cryptocurrency platform is unique in that they use the same technology as the NY Stock Exchange. Coinsquare has never lost a single coin since it started.

Coinsquare also keeps its own ledger at all times to make sure all coins and currency stay accounted for. Safe trading is their number one priority. You can buy crypto using regular currency and start trading those cryptos all in the same site.

Compared to some other platforms, Coinsquare has limited payment options. It’s also not as widely available as other more famous platforms like Coinbase.


Kraken (no relation to the hideous sea monster) is the most used crypto exchange site in Europe. They’re available for users in most developed countries, though.

Kraken is a partner in the first-ever cryptocurrency bank. They’re unique from other platforms with how easily they let you sell bitcoin for US dollars, Canadian dollars, euro, Japanese yen, etc.

They also have a huge selection of cryptocurrencies as compared to the other platforms mentioned so far. Other than bitcoin, Kraken allows you to buy or trade Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ICONOMI, Zcash, Monero, and much more.

Because of all these options, Kraken can be challenging for beginners. Be prepared for a somewhat confusing user interface. has an excellent beginner friendly interface that lets you buy cryptos and trade cryptos.

Their customizable trading dashboard is available on desktop and in a mobile-optimized app. You can buy different cryptocurrencies with regular cash or sell your crypto for cash at any time.

They also hope to make it easy for you to trade cryptos professionally, so they let you personalize trading preferences.

The only downside to, if we had to pick one, is the strict payment verification rules. It may take you longer than other platforms to verify and set up your local currency payment methods with the site.


This platform sets itself apart by creating a decentralized place for people to trade cryptos directly with each other. Think of Bitsquare as the Craigslist of crypto trading, but with bank-level cybersecurity.

This means you don’t ever actually sign up for an account with Bitsquare. The only time you offer up any personal information is when you’ve found someone to make a trade with. In this way, everyone who uses Bitsquare remains anonymous.

You can’t store money on Bitsquare. You only trade back and forth directly with other people. This approach to crypto trading makes Bitsquare harder to use if you’re not experienced.

Local Bitcoin

Speaking of peer to peer trading, Local Bitcoin also doesn’t require you log in or make an account.

This platform is similar to Bitsquare, except you only buy bitcoin for regular cash or vice versa. You can’t trade bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies through Local Bitcoin.

Local Bitcoin makes it easy to meet up with traders in your area to buy bitcoin for cash in hand, or make payments with services like Paypal and Dwolla. To help you stay safe, all traders on Local Bitcoin receive a “rating” and have to show previous transactions. Their customer service team is happy to help you with any disputes should they arise.


This platform is not for beginner crypto traders. Linkcoin is an over-the-counter trading platform, meaning they help you trade in wholesale volume.

This cryptocurrency platform is perfect for experienced traders who need to buy or sell large quantities of crypto at low prices. Linkcoin makes it easy with a secure desktop website and optimized mobile app. You’ll have seven cryptocurrencies to choose from.

There may not be as many payment options to choose from as other platforms, but Linkcoin promises some of the lowest prices out there. It’s worth checking out if you’ve been trading for a while and want to save on transaction fees.


Previously known as BitX, this platform Luno bases its operations out of London. Luno has hosted several billion dollars worth of crypto trading since it started.

Luno is available in most countries, and acts as both a place to store your existing cryptos and trade. (European countries can’t currently use the trade option, but most other countries can.) They have an excellent mobile app and easy to use interface.

Strangely, Luno doesn’t seem to have any customer support. There’s no way to contact someone to resolve user issues. Instead, they provide free content to educate new bitcoin traders.


Since Luno gave Europe got the short end of the stick, let’s talk about BitPanda.

BitPanda is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the Eurozone. It has some of the lowest exchange fees around, at 1% for bank transfers and only 3% for credit card transactions.

You don’t need to live in the EU or UK to use BitPanda. Based on first-hand reviews, it looks like you can still use their services without confirming your address. It appears users in the Eurozone have access to more features, though.

Even More About Cryptocurrency

There’s no right answer as to which cryptocurrency exchange is perfect for you.

Finding the best sites to buy cryptocurrency is like finding the best bank. You may try out a few, and find you’re happier with something else a couple months later. Take time to explore, and see what fits your crypto trading goals.

For more detailed information about different types of cryptocurrency, check out more of our posts like this one.

You don’t have to be a millionaire or a seasoned investor to benefit from buying bitcoin. If you’re ready, get started investing in bitcoin today.


Happy trading.

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