BitExchange: A Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company with an innovative Twist!

BitExchange: A Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company with an innovative Twist!


Crytocurrency and Blockchain is without question the talk of the town. As this new trend sets in, everyday more entrepreneurs come up with more ideas. While most companies follow the traditional services model for delivery, BitExchange is doing it with a difference. This Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company has taken a product based approach. They have ready-made Exchange scripts and related products that customers can test before acquiring it to start their own Exchange.

When asked about the significance of this approach, Krish says “ Blockchain is a relatively new technology. Quality Blockchain developers are scarce. Because of this the per hour price of decent Blockchain developers are very high. To create and setup a solid Crytocurrency Exchange, one needs to invest a lot of time and money( and still not be sure if he is getting a quality product). This was proving to be a big hurdle for Entrepreneurs and we wanted to squash this problem. The solution to this was creating a Turn-key product using which anyone can easily start an exchange instantly. We have invested our time and money to create readymade Cryptocurrency products. Using these anyone can hit the road running. Save a lot of time and money.”

This Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company not only provides ready-made software, but the Exchange script they sport is available for free download ( along with Android apps, IOS apps and detailed installation instructions ). Now, that is something! Apart from the Cryptocurrency Exchange script, they also have an Add-ons section which is filled with useful premium modules that any Cryptocurrency Exchange would require.

When asked why the Crypto Exchange Script is available for free, Krish responds “ We wanted to make a difference in the market. What WordPress has done to the blogging space, we wanted to do for the Crypto Exchange Space. So it is Free. Every month we launch a new version of this base script. And all updates reach people who have downloaded for free as well”

The folks at BitExchange not only seem to provide a Ready-made Centralised Exchange script, but also a Decentralised Token Exchange script. The Add-ons marketplace has a wide variety of premium modules that can add a lot of value to any Cryptocurrency exchange. Some of the Add-ons that caught our attention were: The Liquidity Management module, Multi Tier Referral module, Cold Storage integration module, Easy ERC20 tokens integrator, Taxation module etc. Apart from the Add-ons, this Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company also provides whole ready-made Blockchain projects and interesting cryptocurrency products. Some of the niche Blockchain projects offered are: Money Transfer App, Decentralised Supply Chain management platform, Crpto Market Capitalization script, Token powered Crowd Funding platform, Bitcoin Lending plaform, Cloud mining solution, ICO Dashboard script, Cryptocurrency Wallet SAAS platform, Decentralised Ecommerce Marketplace etc.

“ All the Add-ons and modules available in the BitExchange marketplace are not just made to work with the BitExchange Base script. Each one of them are architected to be easily fitted into any application built on any technology. All the Add-ons come with detailed documentation, so developers can read them and integrate them on any Blockchain application” Says a Spokesperson from the company.

Apart from the functional Add-ons, modules and Turn-key crypto products this Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company also offers beautiful Themes. The Themes section is filled with professional and elegant looking Exchange templates that can be used to change the look and feel of your exchange. Having an appealing User interface is a must for Crypto exchanges. The sleek themes and skins offered by BitExchange provides a good variety of options for Entrepreneurs to choose from. And yes, these HTML themes can also be used on any crypto exchange built on any technology.

This innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, also offers a wide suite of other related services. They have a dedicated team for Initial Coin Offering ( ICO ) services. They have a one stop shop for entrepreneurs to create their ICO, get Whitepaper done, Launch it and also get it marketed. The ICO marketing page sports a big list of activities they do for customers.

“ After ICO development services, we have started doing Security Token Offering ( STO ) services as well. We will be soon launching a sophisticated STO Dashboard that has all required features like Dividend management, Accounting etc. With this we also plan on offering quality STO Marketing services as well“ said Krish.

Some of the upcoming products from this incredible Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company are: Blockchain powered Chat application, Crytpocurrency powered Decentralised Gaming platform, Blockchain powered healthcare script etc. They also seemto be doing a lot of research on Atomic Swaps. Also the Bitcoin programming tutorial launched by the company has been downloaded by many and read.

The company also has an ambitious plan of creating a Turn-key Project for every possible Blockchian Use Case. And they plan to give away all these read-made scripts in the same manner as now. They also plan on releasing continues updates for each and every product they have and make them all the more better and easy to setup. The team of dedicated writers they have keep continually updating the documentation of all the products.

“ We coordinate with a variety of high class vendors to get products done. Every effort is taken to keep the quality high and price low as much as possible. What we are building is a complete ecosystem that consists of contributions from various companies, Freelancers, startups etc. to make Blockchain development affordable to any entrepreneur who has a brilliant idea” Say the folks from BitExchange.

With so many different things happening in the world of Crypto and Blockchain everyday, a Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company like BitExchange is required to help Blockchain startups launch their products quickly. As this space gains heat, we will see a lot many decentralised applications launching. The decentralised world will for sure bring in a lot of advantages to the common man and make everything transparent and affordable by all. Businesses switching to Blockchain will make everything all the more secure and high performing.

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