The Former CEO Of FTX Had Close Relations With US Government

The former CEO of FTX was ordering calls for court legal proceedings and confounded the cryptocurrency users.

The governmental contributions and strong relations with the political parties in the US made Bankman Freed one of the biggest crypto traders. But later all of that was mentioned by the cryptocurrency community and used in a trial against him. 

The refusal to come to court 

Former Chief executive officer of the now-defunct crypto exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, has refused to appear in front of the US court authorities until he could understand and probe what occurred, as stated by the Congress report.

He likewise posted that he felt it was his responsibility to appear before the committee and provide an explanation after learning and considering what happened.

He was unsure if that could occur within the next ten days. But SBF promised to provide testimony when it was necessary. 

The refusal of the former CEO of FTX to provide testimony before the beginning of December was disapproved by the crypto users.

In spite of numerous news reports and overviews, the new date of SBF appearance at court was not well received by cryptocurrency users.

Following the failure of his trading company and its related departments, the crypto trader made his debut on November 30 at The New York Times event. 

The reactions of news reporters and the crypto community

The following day, Mario Nawfal, the founder and CEO of the famous US radio corporation and his IBC Group, interviewed him on his Twitter account.

The former CEO of Bankman-Fried was happy to speak to any other person, joked Alex Benenson, a news reporter. Unless they have sworn an oath. 

After the FTX collapse, regulators are under fire from the public, and experts recommend changes. Popular finance-related journal Zero Hedge made fun of the overall mess and the way SBF forced his terms on legislators.

The US Congress has come under fire from the cryptocurrency community for not acting quickly to remove the disgraced CEO. He emphasizes that he gave a sizable contribution to his associations.

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