German Engineering Giant Siemens Starts Exploring Industrial Metaverse Use Cases

These days, metaverse technology is being discussed across the globe however it has become something more important for Siemens (an engineering platform based in Germany). After moving in line with its declaration of carrying out a partnership with Nvidia, which was witnessed in June 2022 to pursue metaverse utility in the industrial space, Siemens is betting all at once.

Siemens Considers Pioneering Metaverse Usage in Industrial World

Siemens’ strategy and technology chief, Peter Korte, stated that the platform does not claim to know about the metaverse world however they have a concept of its potential nature and they intend to give it a shape. Korte, who is a slick operator, is very sharp-minded and is aware of the fact that it would be beneficial for the platform if it remains successful in making a place in this technology before the others do.

He considers that, in this way, it will be convenient for it to keep on evolving to turn into a more digital engineering platform that would be driven by software. Recently, Siemens celebrated its 175th anniversary in Berlin. At the occasion, Olaf Scholz (the German chancellor) was also present at the dinner and mentioned that a vital role has been played by Siemens in making consistent advancements throughout the world.

Siemens and Nvidia Partner up for Enhanced Productivity

The integration between Xcelerator (an open platform of Siemens for digital business) and Omniverse of Nvidia was the focus of the collaboration in June. Siemens asserted that it wanted to enhance the digital twins’ productivity with the partnership. In the words of Bentley Systems’ COO, Nicholas Cumins, they are in advance at their planning phase.

This takes into account the optimization of energy consumption and distribution as well as the establishment of liveable spaces and traffic management. As per Cumins, a virtual urban atmosphere can additionally permit a trial-and-error mechanism. According to him, the establishment of a virtual city would offer the possibility of significantly optimizing and pre-stimulating urban operations and planning.

Cumins asserted that the respective environment will be completely interoperable and the users will not be reliant on specific hardware, software, or file formats. Though Meta has endeavored to express their vision of the Metaverse space, the concept has diverse meanings in the perception of different institutions.

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