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In the past couple of years, digital trading has become a global phenomenon quite rapidly. The income people earn from their day jobs is no longer sufficient for fulfilling their financial goals due to which they are looking for alternatives to generate some passive income. While there are a number of options that can be explored in this regard, there is none that holds a candle to the benefits of online trading. One of the top reasons it has become a great option is the fact that it comprises of numerous financial markets, which means there are endless opportunities for everyone to explore. You can indulge in forex trading if foreign currencies hold an interest for you or you can try the newer and volatile option of cryptocurrency trading.

Through this kind of trading, it is possible to earn a sizeable amount of money, even if your investment is not huge. Crypto trading, in particular, experienced a huge boost in profitability when the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin reached its peak in 2017. There were hundreds of investors who became millionaires overnight due to their crypto investments. Bitcoin investors were the ones who benefitted the most as the crypto reached a record high of $20,000. This attracted the attention of the whole world and prompted many people to venture in the trading market to try their luck.

However, it is important to remember that while trading has become accessible because of the internet, it still has a lot of intricacies and procedures that need to be followed and understood in order to get started. It is best for you to dedicate a fair amount of time to learning the art of trading. Sure, you can still enter the market without having any idea of how it works, but this would be a recipe for disaster and you will end up losing your investment entirely. Hence, the wise thing to do for you at this point is to gain some basic knowledge from different reputable sources.

You can find a lot of online content available for free and it can be quite useful because it allows you to start your online trading journey. It is important to pay close attention to what you are learning and make use of it once you get started. One of the most crucial things you will learn is that choosing the right broker can make a great difference in your online trading experience. These days, it is easy to find hundreds of brokerage options at your disposal due to the immense popularity of trading. Some of these brokerages may be reliable, but there are plenty of those that cannot be trusted for a number of reasons.

This is because they are possibly scam brokerages that wait for you to deposit your money with them and then vanish without a trace. You need to be very cautious and ensure that you don’t fall into this trap or else you will have your identity stolen and your funds will also be lost. Instead, your priority should be on finding a broker that can be trusted. Just because there are plenty of choices doesn’t mean all of them are reliable; only a handful of brokers will be able to fulfill this criteria and be the right fit for your trading needs.

RoyalStox Review

But, how do you figure out that a brokerage can be trusted? In order to do so, you need to check the various features and services provided by the broker. RoyalStox is one of the brokers that you will find in the market.

An Introduction to RoyalStox

As we discussed earlier, there is no shortage of brokerages in today’s market and only one search on Google will provide you with hundreds of options in a few seconds. When there are so many choices to consider, it can be difficult to decide who to rely on. This is especially true for people who do not have any experience in trading and don’t know what features to prioritize and where to compromise on. In the midst of all this confusion, RoyalStox can be a great choice for any trader, whether they are new or have been around for some time. This is a forex and crypto trading platform that also provides its clients with CFDs for a number of other financial products. The brokerage has gained a lot of popularity very quickly because it is able to provide traders with excellent features that have become a rarity in new brokerages.

The Formation of RoyalStox

RoyalStox is a relatively new broker in the financial market, if you compare it with some of the other brokers, but just because it is new doesn’t mean that it cannot be relied upon. In recent years, it has accumulated a lot of praise and popularity and its claim to fame is mostly because of its features and advanced tools. Most traders who have used RoyalStox for their trading claim that it is one of the most trustworthy options in the market. It is most definitely not a scam because it hasn’t made away with anyone’s money and ensures timely payments.

With that being said, RoyalStox was founded by a group of industry experts and highly skilled technocrats who had been working on this broker for a long period of time. They could have come up with a subpar platform and introduced it into the market, but if they had done that, the broker wouldn’t have the reputation it does today. Instead, the founders took their time and did significant research into the online trading industry to ensure they could come up with a platform that would fulfill its purpose the right way. According to the creators, their vision had been to develop a trading solution that would be devoid of any security vulnerabilities, glitches and the numerous other issues that platforms and brokerages are known to have.

They believed that building a reliable brokerage would help them gain the trust of traders in the financial market. Therefore, they put a great deal of time and effort into monitoring the market conditions and ensured that every feature and aspect of the brokerage was in accordance with the trends and technology. At RoyalStox, traders can find the perfect trading platform and can have a solid trading experience because they don’t have to experience the same problems that are common in other brokerages.

Assets Available for Trading on RoyalStox

A prominent feature that every experience or prospective trader will look out for in a brokerage is the assets that will be available for trading. It is a given that everyone wants to enjoy complete freedom when they engage in trading and want to be able to choose from a variety of assets without restricting their trading opportunities. RoyalStox provides its clients with the perfect setting to do so because the brokerage offers a wide array of investment products for trading. While the primary focus of the brokerage might be on forex and crypto trading, it has also given its clientele the chance to trade stocks, indices, commodities and other products that may catch your fancy.

But, before you move ahead, there is one important thing you need to know about RoyalStox. The brokerage doesn’t allow you to physically invest in the chosen asset. Instead, it allows CFD trading i.e. Contracts for Difference. CFD trading has become one of the top trends in the financial market because it provides traders with an array of opportunities for generating income. As mentioned earlier, trading CFDs means that you will not purchase the physical assets; rather, you will be trading on contracts. Traders make predictions regarding the movements in price of the asset they are trading and can profit if the price moves in their predicted direction. At RoyalStox, traders have the chance of diversifying their portfolio by investing in more than 1,000 financial instruments that are spread over different asset classes.

The broker’s offerings start with the Forex market and RoyalStox has provided its customers the option of choosing from a variety of major and minor currency pairs. When you sign up with this brokerage, some of the currency pairs that you can trade include USD/CAD, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF, USD/JPY and USD/RUB amongst others. Exotic currency pairs are also available, but they are also quite volatile and are a better option for traders with experience. Commodities are another asset class that can be found on RoyalStox and there are plenty of options that you can explore.

Some of the commodities that traders can invest in include gold, copper, silver, coffee, gas and oil. RoyalStox has also added a number of major indices to their asset offerings because they know they are also quite popular. FTSE, NASDAQ, DAX, IBEX and SPI are some of the choices at your disposal. When it comes to stocks, you will find more than a hundred options available at RoyalStox and you are free to choose one that you are comfortable with and has the highest potential of generating profits for you. You will be able to trade stocks of multinational companies at RoyalStox, such as Coca-Cola, Google, Adidas, PayPal and Microsoft.

Other that these traditional investment options, RoyalStox has also made the effort of adding one of the most lucrative financial trading instrument in today’s market; cryptocurrencies. There has been a major surge in the number of people wanting to trade cryptocurrencies and investors are keen to explore the opportunities that are abound in this industry. With RoyalStox, people have the option of joining the crypto community by trading some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum.

WebTrader Trading Platform at RoyalStox

The trading platform that a broker offers is one of the key aspects that every trader needs to consider when they have to make their selection. It is a known fact that the features provided by a trading platform play a very significant role in determining the possibility of success in online trading. Every single feature in a trading platform is aimed at simplifying the trading process and ensuring that traders implement the right strategy when placing their trades. RoyalStox has given its traders access to the WebTrader platform that allows them to maintain a real-time presence in the financial market to make it easy to trade forex, commodities, indices and stocks.

The good thing about the web-based platform is that since you can access it via the browser, it allows you to avoid the unnecessary downloading and the complicated installation procedure. Moreover, the problem with downloaded trading platforms is that their performance is subject to the performance of the device on which they are installed. If there are any security lapses in the device, it will be exposed to hackers and other cyber-criminals, which can affect your trading funds. With RoyalStox’s web-based trading platform, now downloads are required and as such, security problems are less likely to surface.

In addition, the broker is responsible for making security updates and keeping up with website performance. Apart from these perks, RoyalStox has also equipped their proprietary trading platform with essential trading tools that can be useful for optimizing the trading process. These tools can come in handy for traders because they help in making critical trading decision that have an impact on their bottom line. Traders can enjoy instant price alerts about their chosen assets that are being traded in the financial market. RoyalStox also provides them access to news feeds as well as expert analysis regarding the existing and future movements of assets.

Their innovative and versatile trading platform also comes with a demo trading feature. This gives traders an excellent opportunity to carry out trading in a simulated environment that is similar to live trading. The demo trading feature is ideal for traders who have just entered the world of trading as it gives them the chance to practice without risking their investment in the live market. Also, with this particular feature, it is easier for traders to adjust to the trading platform and how it will work in real-time. You will be able to learn how to navigate RoyalStox’s trading platform and use the other features that are also available.

Traders can switch to the live trading session after they have developed some skills and have tested several strategies. RoyalStox is fully familiar with the risks associated with trading due to which their trading platform also boasts some risk management features that can mitigate these risks. First and foremost, there is a stop-loss feature that can be used for setting a specific margin at which all transactions will end if the loss reaches the specific amount.

Most importantly, RoyalStox has kept up with market trends and has also added a mobile trading platform for traders who prefer the flexibility of trading from their smartphones or other mobile devices. A mobile application can be downloaded by the traders on their respective devices. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and it will provide you with all the great features that RoyalStox has to offer on its web-based platform.

Numerous Account Choices at RoyalStox

Before you begin trading on any trading platform, you are first required to open an account that can be used for making deposits and later, withdrawals. RoyalStox has come up with a total of six account options and each of the account choices have distinctive features that are tailored to suit the needs of different traders. You can choose any one of the six account choices, depending on your experience of trading or your level of proficiency in the financial markets. Also, the account you choose to open might also be influenced by the amount of money you are interested in investing. Let’s take a look at the account choices available:

  • Micro Account

The first account option at RoyalStox is the most basic option that you will find because it has been designed for new traders who have little or absolutely no experience in trading. The minimum deposit requirement of this account is $250. You are free to invest more money if you want, but it should be noted that it is not possible to invest more than $5,000 in this account. If you want to invest more, you will have to upgrade to a different account as that will allow you to deposit a higher amount.

Opening the micro account gives traders access to a dedicated account manager for 2 weeks, 24/5 customer support, withdrawals in 7 working days, access to all trading platforms and minimum trade volume is 0.01 lots. You can also get partial trading academy access, an introductory session is available and leverage is about 1:350.

  • Standard Account

This is the second tier of accounts available at RoyalStox and unlike the micro account, this one has been designed for traders with a bit more trading experience. The minimum deposit for this account is set at $5,000 and if you want to deposit more, you can go as high as $25,000. Under this account, traders get the dedicated account manager and can access all their services. The leverage is also increased to 1:200, one-on-one trading sessions are introduced and withdrawal time is now reduced to 5 days.

  • Platinum Account

The third account type that’s offered at the RoyalStox trading platform is called the platinum account and it boasts a minimum deposit requirement of $25,000. If you want to increase your investment, the broker lets you go as high as $50,000. This account option provides traders with leverage of about 1:100 and spreads are fixed on majors and variable in some cases. This account is best for high risk traders who have a substantial knowledge of how it works and how they can maximize their returns.

  • Premium Account

RoyalStox designed this particular account option for traders who enjoy taking high-risks and are quite familiar with how the markets operate. These traders have to be very skilled in making trading decisions. As for the deposit requirement of this account, it begins with $50,000 and if you want more, you can invest as much as $100,000. Here, the broker provides traders with full academy access because they need all the help they can get. The withdrawals are immediate now and the leverage is now increased to 1:500, something that the other three accounts don’t offer.

  • VIP Account

As the name of the account implies, RoyalStox created this particular account option for a specific class of traders. These people have very high trading volumes and they need a unique account that can keep up with their staggering volumes without any problems. Those who are not scared of taking risks in the financial market can opt for this account. It requires a minimum deposit of $100,000 and traders can invest more if they like as the maximum limit is set at $250,000. The leverage is now higher at 1:750 and debit cards can now directly be connected by the traders.

  • Business Account

The last account option that traders will find on RoyalStox has been primarily created for professional traders who pursue this activity as a full-blown career rather than something on the side. Therefore, the deposit requirement starts at $250,000 and the highest amount that can be invested under this account is $500,000. This account gives access to all features that RoyalStox has to offer and the leverage is massive at 1:1000.

Strong Security Framework at RoyalStox

One of the most appealing features of RoyalStox is its strong security framework. This is a major concern for traders, considering the increase in cybercrimes and so the broker aims to provide peace of mind to tis clientele. Advanced technology has been used for encrypting all data and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security is employed for protecting traders’ information from being accessed by outside parties. KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies are also implemented for verifying identities and income sources.

Final Thoughts

RoyalStox offers all traders outstanding features and a spectacular trading platform that has made it the top choice for their needs, regardless of their skills or background.

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