Crypto Exchange OKEx ETH/USD Options, EOS/USD Options to Follow

Crypto Exchange OKEx ETH/USD Options, EOS/USD Options to Follow


Crypto exchange OKEx has announced the release of ETH/USD options in its trading platform.

As the largest cryptocurrency spot & derivatives exchange reports, it will also release EOS options contracts later this month. It’s also reported that OKEx has already placed 1,000 Ether in the ETH Options insurance fund to avoid clawback.

Crypto exchange noted that the release of the ETH/USD options gives the platform users more trading tools in order to meet their needs in carrying out various trading strategies.

As stated by OKEx, options give the traders an option to purchase or sell Ether to hedge risk & maximize profits. As it is announced, unlike futures, holders of options don’t have to purchase or sell a crypto-asset in case they choose not to.

CEO of OKEx, Jay Hao is confident in the success of the new tool in the exchange and that it will make the exchange users’ options trading experience much better. In addition, he mentioned that the exchange will keep innovating its products, offering its clients with one-stop trading services.

The popularity of crypto coins & tokens is increasing day by day. Crypto and blockchain technology as well get involved in every industry and specter of our lives.

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