Rise Of Stellar (XLM) On Mobile Coin Initial Coin Offering News

Rise Of Stellar (XLM) On Mobile Coin Initial Coin Offering News

Stellar (XLM) was one of the best assets on the top, showing some per hour variability. XLM approached to $ 0.41, then rolled back to $ 0.36, then regained its levels to $ 0.42. In recent days, XLM has overtaken Cardano (ADA) and managed to rise and hold a higher price range, and the asset appeared to have enough impetus to achieve even more, at least in the short term. Bitcoin’s (BTC) stabilization of about $ 9,000 helps the altcoins restore their trends, as volatility has cleared in the middle of the week.

So far the growth in XLM is only taking place on slim volumes, and Binance trading is rather suppressed for this asset, as other coins once again steal the center of attention.

The Stellar platform was in the center of attention regarding the news of the MobileCoin ICO, which recently increased to $30 million. The project was built over the Stellar network, and has confidentiality as its chief aim.

The ICO focuses on using the XLM protocol to cope with mobile payments more quickly. This is also the main aim of Stellar.

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Stellar (XLM), in recent weeks and months, has been seen as the open-source equivalent to Ripple (XRP) showing the same aim of banking the unbanked. Yet, for today, the use cases for XRP are restricted, and more ICOs are expected. The IBM investigation regarding the usage of the Stellar protocol for international operations is so far in the testing stage.

Hitherto, the KIN blockchain project and the KIN Foundation have not allocated any details which will show the migration to the Stellar network. In total discussions the KIN project and crypto-related educational events are more mobile, but there are gentle hints that at any time the popular chat app would be linked with the Stellar network.

The biggest hopes for XLM are that it could perhaps reclaim position 5 on CoinMarketCap, where it has been briefly while the price spiked.


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