Bitcoin In Dominoes, Pizza Hut And Papa Johns

Bitcoin In Dominoes, Pizza Hut And Papa Johns

Bitcoin is now everywhere. A real fantastic thing is that you can buy your Dominoes using Bitcoin.  You can purchase your pizzas with over 50 different cryptocurrencies.

In order for this to work, you need to visit

This is an amazing platform for pizza purchasing. PizzaForCoins is an intermediary, which facilitates crypto-payments to some of your favorite pizzerias. The offered restaurants mainly depend on where you live. If there is a network of pizzerias nearby, most likely, this site will seriously facilitate crypto-pizza order for you.

The main steps you are to do is go to the website, enter your address, choose your beloved store and then the website will take you to an up to date menu. The menus are an immediate reflection of what you would expect to see on the Domino’s website yet on PizzaForCoins, the price is displayed in BTC.

According to the owned information large Domino’s Pizza in the UK costs 0.002000BTC.

The scheme is very simple – the website accepts your order and then re-pays the restaurant in fiat currency, so the restaurant itself don’t need to make any changes, they just receive your order and send it out for delivery. You just make your online order and pay in which ever cryptocurrency you prefer.

This can be the best way of getting rid of any loose crypto-change you may have.

It’s been a while, it’s hardly an innovative system, but it provides another option for crypto-investors who want to find new ways to spend their currencies. Perhaps one day we will see that similar Domino’s accept crypto-currency payments, indeed, it is in their interest.

Of course, this service is online only, you can’t pay for pizza with cryptocurrency in any store at the moment in any of the above restaurants.. Perhaps things may be different at your local takeaway as more independent businesses get behind the blockchain.


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