Report: Cardano’s NFT Sales Hit $27M In the Month Of April

According to a tweet from Twitter user @darth_mandalor, Cardano network managed to sell NFTs worth $27Million in the month of April, despite the crumbling market situation.

Massive NFT Sales Numbers on Cardano

Twitter user @darth_mandalor mentioned in a tweet that Cardano NFT sales had managed to reach a valuation of around $27Million. The user stated that He doesn’t get why this track record hasn’t been posted on popular sites such as, DappRadar, where blockchains who had sales of less than $10,000 have been highlighted. Founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson quoted the user’s tweet staying that He also doesn’t get why this development is not being displayed.

Data taken from opencnft, which is a platform that shares data regarding the Cardano NFT market, highlighted that more than 180,000 NFT sales have been performed since the last month, with chilledkongs leading the sales volume with an almost 12% share. IOHK also shared impressive statistical data for Cardano, disclosing that about 4.7Million native tokens have been supplied on Cardano and the Cardano network is also host to about 937 unique projects and more than 5500 NFT projects in total.

Statistical data like this proves that the amount of NFTs minted and the number projects initiated on the Cardano network is connected to its astonishing growth levels, despite the price valuation experiencing volatility issues. Back in April, Clay Nation NFT initiated a huge partnership with globally famous rapper Snoop Dogg and Popular NFT artist Champ Medici, to develop unique clay form animations, land pitches and new never listened musical content, to the Cardano Network, leading to immense engagement.

Cardano Struggling in the Market

With regards to the tough cryptocurrency market situation, Cardano has been experiencing a low of around $0.5183, down about 4.03% since the past week, according to the data taken from CoinMarketCap at the time of writing. Charles Hoskinson commented on the market situation stating that cryptocurrencies are currently bearish and that no new announcements would likely change the situation, so the price of $ADA will follow a path of struggle, even if there are positive developments.

Looking at Cardano this year, the crypto has been severely underperforming despite new projects, sales and developments emerging on its network, falling more than 80% since its last high record last year. 

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