COTI Group Now Accepts Cardano (ADA) Donations

Situated in London, the Track Academy has now enabled ADA Pay on their official website, letting them receive donations in Cardano $ADA cryptocurrency.

Track Academy Enables ADA Pay

According to announcement made by the startup group COTI Group, the Track Academy, operating in London, has now successfully added ADA Pay system on their website to receive donations in Cardano $ADA cryptocurrency. COTI, which powers the Djed stablecoin, powered by the Cardano Network, posted a blog post which mentioned that the fee produced via the transactions coming from ADA Pay will be converted into $COTI, spread across the official treasury in the form of customer rewards.

Founder of the Track Academy, Connie Henry stated on the development that they praise COTI for the support they have provided them to enable and integrate the ADA Pay on to their website and their team has displayed an impressive amount of hard work and focused on the smallest details, while not being bothered about our minimal knowledge with crypto. Henry added that despite them facing difficulties in entering the crypto space, COTI has made it possible and has been at our side in each step.

In response to Connie Henry’s sweet praises, COTI itself stated that they are very delighted to add the core systems that power such an integration, as the initiatives taken by the Track Academy truly define the true usage of the Cardano Network and they are happy to help any other organizations like Track to get on the COTI Ecosystem who are interested in similar endeavors.

Cardano Foundation and COTI

Last year, COTI was initially appreciated by the Cardano Foundation as an impressive payment gateway for the Cardano Network. The Cardano Foundation mentioned that COTI is the source of a trivial payment gateway known as ADA Pay, that targets organizations, merchants and charities looking to integrate Cardano $ADA donations and payment systems on their relevant platforms.

Popular Non-profit Organization, Save the Children had stated that they will use the collected $ADA coming though COTI’s payment systems to complete their mission in Rwanda. CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard stated they are quite excited to see the partnership between Save the Children and COTI, as it is certain that this will surely bring a massively positive impact not only towards society, but around the world.

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