Price Analysis of Gomics (GOM) and MetaDogecolony (DOGECO)

Gomics (GOM) – Price Surged by 275.59%

Gomics has been performing really well and the high trend for the digital asset has continued in the past 24-hours. The trading price of the GOM/USDT pair was at a low of $0.001001 per GOM before the investors showed off their strong buying power.

As the investors began to buy Gomics, they formed a 275.59% rally, which ended up pushing Gomics’ price to a high of $0.003853 per GOM.

The investors are still very determined about running the bullish trend in favor of Gomics. They may continue pouring more money to acquire more Gomics in the upcoming days.

At the moment, the relative strength index for Gomics is at 59.10 and the summary scale for Gomics is also visiting “buying” sentiments for the investors.

Over time, as the rally grows mature, more investors may continue adding more investments. This would eventually work in favor of the bullish trend and push the price of Gomics to a high of $0.006907 per GOM.

Going forward, the investors may apply even more buying power in order to push the price of Gomics to higher marks. The investors may attempt to push the price of Gomics into the resistance zone.

However, they will need to put a lot of energy into the cause and make it a huge success. If the bulls are able to make it happen, they may proceed with pushing the price of Gomics to a high of $0.009751 per GOM.

On the contrary, if the bears steal the control from the bulls, they may attempt to push the price of Gomics below $0.003500 per GOM. If they are able to make it happen, their next attempt would be to pull Gomics’ price below $0.003100 per GOM.

MetaDogecolony (DOGECO) – Price Surged by 190.91%

The price of MegaDogecolony reportedly experienced a negative trend before the bulls formed a strong 190.91% rally in the past 24-hours. Before the rally, the price of MegaDogecolony was worth $0.0000001100 per DOGECO.

However, the bulls were determined to change the situation and bring MegaDogecolony into the bullish zone. By forming a strong rally, the bulls have successfully raised the price of MegaDogecolony to a high of $0.0000003201 per DOGECO.

The bulls still haven’t lost their confidence in the strong sentiments as they are still not giving up on the rally. If the bulls keep practicing the same strong sentiments, they may continue pushing MegaDogecolony’s price higher.

In the upcoming days, the price of MegaDogecolony may rise to a new high price of $0.0000006215 per DOGECO.

If the momentum keeps building, and the RSI for MegaDogecolony continues growing more into the bullish zone, then MegaDogecolony’s price may surge to $0.0000009118 per DOGECO.

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