Paxful Suspends Marketplace Due to Loss of Trust in Cryptocurrencies in the US

Key Insights: 

  • Paxful suspends its marketplace due to a lack of trust in cryptocurrencies in the US.
  • CEO Ray Youssef predicts regulatory obstacles will persist for peer-to-peer markets.
  • Customers are advised to consider self-custody or explore other service providers while Paxful resolves its challenges.

Paxful’s Chief Executive Officer, Ray Youssef, has announced that the people-driven digital currency platform has decided to stop operating its marketplace because the firm has lost trust in cryptocurrencies.

According to a recent interview, the CEO of Paxful expressed his opinion that there is no future for cryptocurrencies in the United States. He stated that his company had made significant efforts to comply with regulations over the last four years. Still, he now believes that Bitcoin or other forms of digital currency will have a limited future in the country. He said, “We’ve been bending backwards for the last four years to ensure we comply…now, I don’t see any real future for Bitcoin or crypto in the United States.”

Banking crises crush cryptos

Youssef emphasised that despite the platform’s significant involvement with cryptocurrencies in the past, the present impact of macroeconomic factors and banking crises has hurt the future of digital currencies.

Youssef posted a message on the official Paxful page stating that the marketplace will be suspended, and the company is uncertain about its return.

Furthermore, the CEO predicted that the industry’s regulatory obstacles would persist and mentioned, “The regulatory hurdles for the peer-to-peer market, especially in the U.S., continue to mount.” While the company resolves these challenges, they advise users to consider self-custody and seek other trading options for maximum security.

Despite the suspension of the marketplace, Youssef assured customers that Paxful would resume operations and assist them in recovering their funds. The company suggests customers consider transitioning to self-custody or exploring alternative service providers.

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