The new official sponsor of Newcastle United, a Premiere League Football Club from the United Kingdom, is StormGain.

Stormgain is a cryptocurrency exchange established this year by Alex Althausen. The company has a customer base in over 40 countries. The platform has zero fees and is very convenient with numerous interesting features.

Due to this, you will have the ability to win tickets to Newcastle United games on the exchange’s platform. In 2019-2020 Storm Gain will also exist on the club’s shirts. Because of this, Newcastle United fans from all over the world will become acquainted with StormGain and the advantages that the company presents.

On the other hand, by winning the ticket from StormGain you will also have the chance to attend the training of the team as well as play with your favorite players and obtain signed T-shirts.

The Chief Executive Officer of the crypto exchange stated that the company is thrilled to cooperative and such a great football club like Newcastle United. In the company’s mind, the partnership between crypto businesses and sports teams is unavoidable.

The head of commercial of Newcastle United also added that they are always trying to improve the club by looking for interesting commercial possibilities.

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