Last Sunday, The Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Tron Foundation announced on Twitter the developments of the Tron system. On the other hand, he asked his followers for name ideas of the new privacy solution for Tron.

This tweet was just a tactic to attract attention as the next day Sun revealed news about the Sun network. He announced the launch of Version 1.0 of the Sun Network. The network will be released on Saturday, August 10. The Tweets by the young CEO suggested that the new version of the Sun Network will be a scalability solution for the Tron system and 1.0 will be employed by creators of Decentralized Applications.

Tron once again showed that it is a leader in the creation of Decentralized Applications surpassing both Ethereum and EOS. Despite its popularity and success, the company is still improving its products. The Sun Network is only a part of the Tron system and it is meant to improve transfers as well as scalability.

The testnet of the Sun Network has already been released in June of 2019. Justin Sun also talked about building an adaptive chain to facilitate the main Tron Network and positively influence the platform’s smart contracts.

Due to this great news, Tronix price may see positive shifts in the following hours. Currently, it has increased in value by 2.96 percent in 24 hours.

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