A New Major Company Atriark In Cryptocurrency Mining

In North America Atriark Inc became the fastest growing cloud mining operation, which offers both Bitcoin and altcoin mining services including Litecoin, Dash, ZCash, Monero and Ethereum. The company’s core team is made up of seasoned cryptocurrency experts dating back to when the first white paper on Bitcoin was released. Besides, the company has various skill sets such as decade of marketing, cybersecurity experience, cryptography, commodities, and entrepreneurship.

Atriark supports customers, since the team of the company has seen that this matter is one of the most lacking aspects among their competitors and other companies in the industry. Atriark provides full resolution to all customer issues in 24 hours or less. The team plans to hire at a proportional rate to their growth or better to maintain an excellent user experience among customers.

According to Google Analytics Atriark has had web visitors spanning the globe from over 170 countries, since their public launch. Moreover, the company has had an increasing popular rank according to statistics provided by Alexa.com. It’s a service rating the websites on a global and national scale.

Atriark continues to acquire hardware as fast as possible to keep up with customer demand and strives for record time in deployment. Their cloud mining service also allows customers 24/7 live stream access to a portion of their hardware so customers can see some of the physical machines being used to mine their coins.


  1. Atriark is a scam. I had 3 contracts with them and they ended these contracts 3 months into them because they werent making enough money. Hashflare only put my contract on hold while the crypto market is down. Atriark just fully ended the contract. When I emailed them they never replied and closed my account so i cant even withdraw the lousy 2 percent o made back from my investment.


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