NCapital Group Review – Is NCapital Group Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

NCapital Group Review

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Thanks to the rapid development of technology, it has allowed platforms like NCapital Group to become more accessible. I thought to write a NCapital Group review so that contemporary traders understand the sort of brokerage firm they should be looking for. In the past, when online trading had started, it was not as easy to participate in. But ever since technology has taken over the world and caused developments in many fields, even online trading has improved immensely. This has been a very positive addition as the dynamics have changed. Rather than having to go out and look for brokers, then making trades happen, you can now just sit at home and do the whole process. This way, people can do more than just trading because they do not have to physically participate in it. They just need to do the task online.

So if you like staying at home, and being in your comfort zone, then this would be the type of work you would enjoy. The market has many brokers. As competition has increased, so has the number of traders and brokers. Many people have started trading, whether it is a part-time activity or full-time, so you can choose what to go for as long as you have access to the internet.

But before you begin, there are some things you should be aware of. This includes knowing which sort of market you are interested in. Traders reach out to many as there is no shortage of financial markets in this field. But as of recently, the cryptocurrency market is the one that is topping the list and gaining lots of followers. Although the currencies in this market were introduced back in 2009, they have been a hot topic since then, and people are still investing in them. The obsession had started when Bitcoin was initially introduced in the market. It had been a major hit due to its benefits and still remains the same.

So if you are interested in becoming a part of the crypto market, how can you join it? Well, it is a very simple process. You just need to look for a cryptocurrency brokerage firm. Then you just need to make an account and get started. A lot of people struggle with finding the perfect platform for cryptocurrency trading. This is mainly because when people start searching for a broker, there are so many options, and it becomes very confusing. Many also seem the same because every broker more or less sells the same promises. Whether they are authentic brokers or scam ones, this is why it is really important to be cautious and careful when choosing.

There are many factors you have to consider and analyze before you choose a broker. This is why we have written this article, as it will highlight the top features of NCapital Group and also make readers aware of what they should be looking for when choosing a broker. If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, then it is best to opt for a broker who focuses on crypto-only. This way, it will be able to provide you with more focused help as cryptocurrencies are much more volatile than the rest. So a brokerage firm that will be better equipped with skills to handle the volatility and help you as well is better, and NCapital Group is a really good example amongst all cryptocurrency platforms.

It is based in the United Kingdom. This platform is relatively new as it was first introduced in 2019. But ever since it has started out, it has gained a lot of followers due to the services it provides. Continue reading to find out why NCapital Group is not like the other platforms.

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Security Measures Implemented By NCapital Group

Security is nearly every user’s first concern when choosing a broker, as any platform which is not secure cannot be a good option for any trader. This is because when they make an account, they have to provide information that is sensitive, and along with this, platforms also require deposits. So every user looks for a broker that can offer protection for information and for the funds. Sometimes platforms promise their users that there are proper security measures in place, but this is not true. Not every broker follows up on its promise. It can be negligence or ill intentions.

So when you look for a crypto broker, make sure to check its security policies, as this will give you an idea of how secure the platform is. NCapital Group is a platform that prioritizes security above everything. This is an important requirement, and it recognizes this. Therefore, it has taken lots of preventive measures.

Users of NCapital Group never have to be concerned because it has incorporated the 256-bit SSL encryption within its platform. SSL stands for secure socket layer, and it is a form of encryption that basically works by coding information. Why does information need to be coded? Well, anything that you enter on the internet can possibly be at risk of being leaked. This means that if your private information is accessed by anyone, this can be used in multiple ways, which would not be legal. It could also lead to financial losses; therefore, by encrypting your information, not only is it hidden from plain sight, but it is also in a coded form so that no one can make sense of it.

The 256-bit SSL encryption is a really good type as it prohibits any third party from gaining access to a user’s information. Also, to protect funds and ensure that they are not accessible by anyone, NCapital Group has separate accounts. So this means that the accounts of the customers and platforms are not one, nor are they linked. This keeps the funds completely separate, and there is no mixing of any money. Another benefit of this is that if the broker ever suffers a loss or anything, then users do not lose their funds.

NCapital Group also implements two policies, which are the KYC and AML ones, as these are very important. The KYC policy is established for one reason, and that is to authenticate users before they can start working. It requires customers to submit required documents so that the identity can be confirmed. Whereas the AML one focuses on prohibiting any financial crime by supervising and monitoring transactions. If a user wants to officially start at NCapital Group, you have to complete the steps required by the KYC policy so that your profile is recognized.

A Wide Range Of Cryptocurrencies

In order for traders to truly have a good experience in the financial market and to succeed, they have to be provided with a wide variety of assets. This allows users to broaden their expertise and try out different assets. Although the market has many crypto trading platforms, not all have a wide range of assets. This has often limited and restricted traders by forcing them to only trade certain cryptocurrencies. It can also be a major risk for traders who are just starting out as it may push them to try trading assets that are too volatile for them. Or it can restrict good traders to only try out the average assets, which would not provide them with the revenues they are in search of.

This is why it is important to be aware of the broker’s list of products prior to signing up. Once again, NCapital Group is a really good platform as it offers a really good list of cryptocurrency products. Any trader can take a look at these and find the one which suits their needs. Let’s take a look at some of the options available at NCapital Group.  

Bitcoin: As everyone is aware, this was the first to be introduced, and it has been a major success. Till today it is considered the leading cryptocurrency and has flourished in the trading market. A factor that has made it the most popular cryptocurrency is that it is not owned by anyone. This means that no one has a hold of it, and this allows buyers the freedom which they require.

Bitcoin Cash: This was introduced in 2017, and it is affiliated with Bitcoin. But it is mostly known for really quick transactions. The main intent of introducing this cryptocurrency was to compete with other high-performance transactions, which included Visa and PayPal.

Litecoin: This has been introduced so that it could be the competitor to Bitcoin, and it has become really successful in the market. This is because it is a very flexible cryptocurrency that also does not take a really long time to be transacted. Those traders who really want to invest in Bitcoin but cannot do that due to the price can opt for this because it is cheaper but offers more or less the same benefits.

Ripple: This crypto is also referred to as XRP. And there are many reasons as to why it was introduced. Ripple can pose as a digital coin while also acting as a financial system. It also contains a lot of advanced features that play a major role in its quick transactions. And this is something that Bitcoin lacks.

Ethereum: for this asset, its cryptocurrency is referred to as Ether, and this is more of a blockchain-based platform. Within the market, it has secured the second position and has become very successful too.

Dash: this was introduced in 2014 and is very similar to bitcoin. Features that had made Bitcoin struggle with the modern cryptocurrencies were improved to make Dash a better option for users. One example of this is high-speed processing.

These are just some options that NCapital Group offers to its customers. But for those who are interested in exploring others can also explore NEO, EOS, and Monero. No trading platform offers access to trade such assets that are some of the best in the market and also offer high revenues. But NCapital Group has many options for its customers.

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Registration Process At NCapital Group

Nearly every platform requires customers to sign up before they can start trading or using the platform’s services. But many adopt procedures that cause customers to get frustrated before they even get started. For customers who are done with registration processes that are a waste of time and ask unnecessary things, then NCapital Group is an ideal option. This site has a very simple registration process, and it does not take a long time.

This process also allows all types of customers to start trading. This means that whether you are new to the field or an experienced trader, you can easily access the signing-up process. Another good thing is that there is no registration fee, and it is free of cost. So all you have to do is visit the NCapital Group site, click on the button which says Register Now, and it will require you to fill a form. This will only take a few minutes.

In this form, you just have to enter information such as your name, number, email, the country where you reside, and the currency which you plan on using. Once this is done, you just have to verify your account by clicking on the link that the site will email you, and that’s it.

Different Trading Accounts At NCapital Group

Trading platforms usually have some account options for users to choose from. However, these are usually not very flexible nor practical for users. At NCapital Group, you will realize that the options it provides are unique and have lots of features to offer. In total, there are six different accounts that users can choose from. This way, traders can choose the account that suits their needs and wants the most. Let’s take a look at the accounts.

  • Basic: this is the account that is usually recommended for beginners as it has the least deposit amount, which is 1,000 Euros. By using this account, beginners get the chance to catch up on some basic trading information that would trade them ahead of time. It also allows users to access webinars for additional help. Users also get reviews of the market and customer support so that they can reach out for help when needed.
  • Bronze: this account is once again for beginners but those who know a little more about trading and the market itself. This way, they are better prepared and can deposit a higher amount and be ready for higher risks. To access this account type, users have to deposit an amount of 10,000 Euros. They also get the features from the basic account as well as alerts regarding prices, as this is very beneficial in the market.
  • Silver: traders who are intermediate should go for this account as it offers benefits more suited to their level. To access this, an amount of 25,000 Euros needs to be deposited. All the previous features are provided, and the user gets to ask an account manager for advice. This helps in improving trades and getting some professional help from experienced people.
  • Gold: traders who are more experienced can go for this account as it provides a lot of features suited to their level of trading. The deposit required for this account is 50,000 Euros, and users get to customize their trading strategies as well as receiving signals for PIA SMS.
  • Platinum: this is the second last account type offered by NCapital Group, and it is meant for professional traders who have a lot of experience in the market. To unlock this trader needs to deposit at least 100,000 Euros. With This account, users get invited to premier events as well as private training. And there are many more features that become accessible.
  • Black: The last account type is not for everyone and cannot be signed up by anyone either. To gain access to it, you have to contact your account manager and get access through them. You also have to qualify for certain things. This account is called the black account and is only for VIP members.

Easy-To-Navigate Platform

Something that many traders struggle with is making sense of the trading platforms. This often happens with newbies as they are not aware of many things. Brokers also make the mistake of adding complex things to their sites which troubles many users. To cater to every type of customer NCapital Group has maintained a very friendly platform so all users can have a good experience. This also ensures that they are at ease while trading.

Therefore NCapital Group has chosen a type of platform that is very simple yet really beneficial too. It is a type of proprietary platform for trading and can easily be accessed by the web. So users do not have to download any application. Rather they just need a device that has access to the browser. This way, users can easily sign-in whenever they want from wherever they are. The platform has many other features to offer, such as one-click trading that has allowed really quick transactions. This speed helps traders not miss any important information.


In this review, we have highlighted some of the features that make NCapital Group different from other trading platforms. It has incorporated some of the most recent and advanced tools for its customers as well as providing a very diverse range of assets to trade with. This allows them to broaden their experience and try out different options in the financial market.

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