Mastercard Registers A New Blockchain-Patent For Multi-Currency

Mastercard Registers A New Blockchain-Patent For Multi-Currency

The U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) has granted a patent to MasterCard for its new system for partitioned blockchains and enhanced privacy for permitted blockchains.

The new method allows you to store several types and formats of transactions, according to reports.

In accordance with the document presented by MasterCard, the patent is designed to create a new method that allows you to generate the partitioned blocks to the blockchain.

The paper explains that in the current blockchain system, transaction records stored in different blocks that make up the blockchain often need to be of the same format and include the same types and sometimes even sizes of data, while the new system offers a partitioned blockchain that can include transaction records for three different subnets, with the ability to record transactions associated with each.

Experts consider MasterCard activity as a proof of the desire to develop on the blockchain, to introduce the industry into their future projects.

It should be noted that the company has already applied for a number of patents related to the blockchain.

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