The Launch Of Kodak Cryptocurrency Is Being Delayed

The Launch Of Kodak Cryptocurrency Is Being Delayed

On Wednesday, the company the delay of its initial coin offering (ICO), though investors seek to buy Kodak’s cryptocurrency.

On KodakCoin’s website there was a statement, that about 40,000 potential investors are interested in ICO, which is scheduled on 31 January.

According to the company, it needs verification of every potential buyer, which means that the investor has a net worth that exceeds $1 million and an annual income of at least $200,000. It expects the verifying process to take several weeks.

Share prices raised from $3.10 to $11 after Kodak announced the project. But critics accused the company of capitalizing on cryptocurrency craze without concrete plans in place.

The chief executive of Kodak considered the blockchain project of company as a perfect attempt to maintain photographers solving ownership issues.

Kodak Co’s share prices fell by more than 13%, after the announcement of delaying KodakCoin, reaching the mark of $7.95 yesterday night.

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