Lagos Welcomes the First Nigerian Bitcoin ATM

Lagos Welcomes the First Nigerian Bitcoin ATM


Blockstale BTM, a new Bitcoin ATM startup in Nigeria, is planning to install around 30 Bitcoin ATMs across Nigeria by the end of the current year, and the first terminal has been installed in Lagos.

The ATM is located at Dazey Lounge and Bar, Ajah, Lagos State. It provides users the possibility to purchase bitcoin with the Nigerian national currency – Naira, as reported.

Founder and CEO of Blockstale, Daniel Adekunle mentioned that, nevertheless, uncertain legal situation regarding crypto in the country, Nigerians are the biggest crypto traders in the continent. He noted: “Blockstale BTM was developed specially to facilitate adoption, transparency, and security in Nigeria.”

At the present, Africa has a total of 15 Bitcoin ATMs installed. Nigeria becomes the 8th African country to install a Bitcoin ATM. South Africa hosts seven crypto ATMs, Ghana hosts two, Kenya, Botswana, Djibouti, Uganda and Zimbabwe each have one Bitcoin ATM installed.

Nigeria also steadily tops Google searches for “Bitcoin”, getting approximately the half of the traffic and being ranked the second country after Austria.


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