ANU Law School Partners with Ripple to Provide Blockchain Law Courses

ANU Law School Partners with Ripple to Provide Blockchain Law Courses


The ANU College of Law is planning to present 2 new courses in its Masters program next year studying blockchain’s effect on the legal sector. The ANU develops the courses in partnership with Ripple’s Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), as reported.

Scott Chamberlain, entrepreneurial fellow at the ANU School of Law, will design and run blockchain related programs of the university. Speaking about the potential of blockchain and law, he notes: “Imagine an eBay-like platform that can resolve consumer law disputes without engaging the court system.”

As Chamberlain mentioned, there are lots of simple legal processes like confirming the identities and relationship of the relevant parties, the rules governing their interactions, that could be implemented with the usage of blockchain.

He stated: “This is not about getting rid of lawyers or eliminating jobs.” He added: “There will always be cases and situations that demand a higher level of expertise.”

Chamberlain is confident that these courses will significantly improve the process of exercising the rights and discharge the obligations for people.

It’s worth noting that ANU already provides undergraduate courses that research the intersection between blockchain and law.


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