Istanbul Opens Blockchain Innovation Center

Istanbul Opens Blockchain Innovation Center

The opening of the first blockchain university in Turkey, the Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center (BlockchainIST Center), was declared by the local state press agency Daily Sabah on August 4th, which declares that the center is called upon to “close the knowledge gap” so that the country can start using technology in many industries.

The center, located at the University of Bahçeşehir, will promote academic studies of students and entrepreneurs and aims to create a prestigious status for themselves in the international ecosystem of the blockchain.

Director of the new center of Bora Erdamar told Daily Sabah that the goal of the BlockchainIST project was to become the most important research and development and innovation center in Turkey, where research and publications were produced in block technologies.

According to the report done on the center’s website, BlockhainIST will not only provide students with the opportunity to learn about blockchain technology, but also offer a master’s program FinTech, as well as blockchain and crypto economics for graduates. In addition, the center will provide students and graduate students with the opportunity to explore, design and test their own blockchain applications.

Education in blochchain technology has recently received a lot of attention. On July 17, ETHNews reported that IBM and the University of Colombia had teamed up to create the Blockchain Center, and the Blockchain Summer School of the Copenhagen Business School began the following week.



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