SPLITT Launches Cloud Server For Bitcoin Mining

Splitt launched Cloud Server “The Crypto Cloud” for a more secure and inexpensive method of mining cryptocurrency on the cloud, such as Bitcoin. Currently, the service is available in fifteen cities around the world. “The Crypto Cloud” Server is the most modern solution provided to companies and individuals for any requirements. The virtual server will help the company or individual to solve its tasks most effectively, while saving money. The cloud server is provided not only with high-tech equipment, but also with modern communications of the data center.

Although Bitcoin mining became extremely popular among crypto-enthusiasts, the traditional methods of mining were very slow and consumed a lot of energy.

Splitt’s crypto-cloud mining does not require hardware and uses the total processing power from data centers and does not require constant maintenance.

British Splitt offers mining services with integrated ASIC chips, which are faster than GPUs and CPUs and consume less power. This makes mining profitable, more efficient and flexible for miners. The profitability of cloud mining is determined by the number of coins mined and their market price, i.e. upon completion of the contract (or within its duration) you will receive the extracted cryptocurrency or equivalent payments in Fiat to your wallet in proportion to the amount of leased power.

Splitt users have the opportunity to choose one of three different contracts for mining with different interest rates.

Splitt user can also continue mining cryptocurrency after downloading the recently launched mobile application.


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