HTC Launches a Cheaper Blockchain Smartphone

HTC Launches a Cheaper Blockchain Smartphone

The Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is launching a low-cost variant of its blockchain-friendly phone, the Exodus 1s.

The tech giant is sure the new release will stick out in the smartphone market and has an intention to attract customers who are indecisive about purchasing crypto-assets and costly smartphones.

The new device cuts the price and costs $244 or the equivalent in crypto. However, according to DCO at HTC Phil Chen, the new smartphone entirely differs from the old version. The main distinguishing factor is considered the Bitcoin blockchain storing 400 GB memory card on the smartphone, enabling users to exchange, send and receive digital assets.

“We are providing the tools for access to universal basic finance; the tools to have a metaphorical Swiss bank in your pocket.” Phil Chen states.

In addition, he notes that the 1st phone achieved the company’s sales targets:

“The Exodus 1 is still available & is hitting our internal targets. We have been delighted with the response.”

Furthermore, Chen clearly indicates that this isn’t a one-time project:

“Cryptocurrency technology is the next frontier of smartphone innovation. For the smartphone category to grow again, we need more adoption of cryptophones.”

HTC announces that during the starting period the acquisition of the new smartphones will be available online on Europe, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and in the future the market will be expanded.

It’s worth to note that the first blockchain smartphone store of the world was opened in London in the beginning of this year and as blockchain is still at its development stage, London SEO services will have positive affect on the store’s market expansion not only locally, but also globally.

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