Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Genesis11 Review

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Trading is one of the most profitable industries out there that have made people billions and millions. In order to access online trading markets, one will have to find brokers through which trading activities can be performed. For different markets, there come different trading places. But Genesis11 is one of those few brokers that offer all kinds of trading instruments, including Forex, cryptocurrency, commodity, metals, and ETFs. My major purpose behind doing the Genesis11 review is to make things clear about it so that newcomers also join it as their trading partner.

What is Genesis11? 

It does not need much explanation as it is already famous in the trading universe. So, I will elaborate on each and every feature of it in a very brief manner so that you can get an idea of it. The more you know its roots, the more you understand why it is established. It is founded by a group of successful people whose only aim is to target those traders and investors who are passionate about earning via trading different types of objects.

After getting an unlimited access to Genesis11, a user can get access to an unlimited number of trading objects without any kind of hurdle or obstacle as its account managers will guide you to reach new highs of success. The cybersecurity standards of the broker are highly functionally, which resist any kind of outer cyberattacks or attempts.

The Functionality of Algo Trading 

Algo trading is a new form of trading that works basically on the principles of algorithms. Algorithmic trading is a bit different from the traditional type of trading as it works faster and in an accurate manner, thus avoiding the possibilities of mistakes. The real-time data of time, volume, and price help traders and investors enter or exit the markets, making every trade a winning thing. With Algo trading’s help, a lot of people have earned a lot of money, which was impossible with the conventional type of trading. So, you must know that there is a lot of difference between Algo trading and simple one, and you are now in a better position to decide.

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Five Investment Plans

There is a total of five investment plans which you should keep in mind before entering the markets. Each of these accounts has a different package of features and functionalities. One should select an investment plan keeping in mind his needs and requirements as the minimum investment is different for all five accounts.


Silver is a type of account perfect for those traders who are new in the trading world because it has all the features needed for newcomers. It also offers one to one educational facility that makes things easy for traders as training about trading is necessary. What’s more, the facility of news is an additional thing that makes trading more interesting and charming. 


In order to open a gold account, the minimum investment limit is only 25,000. Customer service (24/5) is available with this investment plan that makes things easier as support agents utilize their years of experience when giving a piece of advice to a trader. A personal account manager is available at your service who tries to maximize the potential of trading by telling investors when to make important decisions. The VIP desk gives will ten signals per month to the account holders of the gold account.


Investors must have at least 50,000 as a number of funds if they are considering opening the platinum account. It is recommended to those people who have a broad knowledge of the online trading markets as the amount will be lost if they cannot manage it properly. VIP desk is bound to provide signals to traders daily as it is their responsibility to provide services to the platinum account holders in the best possible way. Moreover, no withdrawal fees are fixed for this type of account, as included in the premium category.


This is the fourth investment plan in a row and is the most advanced than the previous three account types. It is specially made for those traders who are ready to bet in big amounts. The features of the Signature account include an unlimited 365 trading dashboard, trading news, no withdrawal fees, credit line for premium trading events, one to one basic training, 24/5 customer support, daily signals from the VIP desk, private banking, leverage up to 1:300, first priority for hedging strategies, and facility of insured contracts.

VIP Plan

For VIP, the company has not outlined the features to the public as they will be known when an interested investor will approach the team of the broker. As it is the most premium out of all, the minimum deposit limit is also increased. One can open this account type with an amount of 1,000,000, which though a big amount. It can open the gates of unlimited opportunities to traders and investors across the world.

Easy to Use Platform

The platform of Genesis11 is well designed, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of professionals as well as new traders. The major purpose behind this is to make the whole process easy so that people would not confront any kind of difficulty, and they feel safe while using it. The entire interface is charming and attractive to users, which do not let them move away once they land on this platform. There are many features of it that are recognized by the old as well as existing users of the broker.

Once you get to know about it in detail, your heart will not go away at any cost. Everything is placed at its right place, and you do not wander here and there in search of things. Things are presented in a clear way as one should not get confused while using the platform for trading a wide range of assets. There are many other things which I cannot mention here. You will see when you open an account with it.

Privacy of Users Matters

I know you think a lot when you decide to open an account with the broker, as it is your right. The online world is accumulated with many scam projects, and one will be robbed out if he pays high attention to privacy. But there are some platforms, which are known for their reliable nature and trustworthy nature. Genesis11 is one of those brokers as it takes full responsibility for users’ privacy and also takes guarantee of it. Such a high-level guarantee on the part of the broker gives a feeling of mental peace to users of the company.

Moreover, it has a good track record as no one ever gets manipulated using his personal information. The private information of users is very sensitive in nature for users, but it is very economical for a scam broker that makes money on selling customers’ sensitive data to third parties. If you are privacy conscious and afraid to join any broker due to privacy concerns, then Genesis11 is one of the best brokerage firms waiting for you. If I tell my experience with it, then you will be shocked to know that it tackled me in a very professional manner.

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Start Your Journey with Genesis11

It is very easy to start your trading journey with the broker as it lays out a very comprehensive procedure to go through it. The whole process divides into three phases, which are needed to be followed to become an official member of the trading firm.

Firstly, you need to go for one investment plan out of five. As I told you earlier that one should pick an account before surveying his trading requirements. Each investment plan has special features which satisfy the needs of different classes of traders.

Secondly, you need to decide how much money you are going to put into your account wallet. As it is the first step to go with the broker, and the amount of deposit depends on the account, which a user selects for his trading journey. Do not take big risks if you do not have adequate knowledge about this field. You had known many incidents when people lost a huge amount of money due to a lack of trading knowledge. But on this platform, you have an additional edge as its education section and account managers guide step by step in doing trading activities.

Finally, you are eligible to start trading a wide range of trading instruments. You can take advice from Genesis11 account managers at the time of important decisions.  A lot of help and guidance from the team of the broker makes traders journey simple and easy. If you have a question in mind before creating an account with it, then you can contact the support team and ask for information.

Transparency in Real Sense

Many trading platforms say that they provide transparency in everything they offer to customers, but it is true to some extent, as most of these companies lie to users when giving information about fees and commissions. A transparent and authentic relationship between the broker and its customer base is beneficial for both parties. 

Genesis11 has made everything clear about its services and activities. Fees are deducted, which are written on the website, and nothing can be more deducted from users. This is because it follows the principle of transparency in everything it does. It does not let users pay hidden fees as everything is open to users. It is not only transparent in fees, but in everything it delivers to the customer base. It is also authentic when it tells its rules and regulations regarding deposits, withdrawals, privacy, and security of funds. If you feel something puzzled or confusing, you can contact the broker’s support agents to ask for details.

Customer Care Centre

One of its major priorities is to take care of its customer base and provide a solution to every problem the users face while trading assets. A team of experienced people has taken charge of the customer support desk that maintains its integrity and provides mental satisfaction to users. The online reviews about Genesis11 reveal that its customer support is highly functional and active, which give us a positive image of the customer desk. There is an easy method to connect with the support agents as you just need to write a subject matter of your problem and then click the send button. Furthermore, one can also write their issues via the given email address. The staff behave in a very polite manner when listening to the queries of customers and then respond on an urgent basis so that traders will not get demotivated. The interaction between Genesis11 and its users is also highly secured.

Trading Platform: Web Trader

For different trading types of instruments, Genesiss11 gives people an option to trade via Web Trader. It can be opened on any device as it does restrict or put limitation. Due to easy access, newcomers can enjoy the benefits of things that are impossible with other trading platforms. With this, it makes your trading process 100% effective and reliable. Trading of forex, crypto, metals will become a go-to thing with the assistance of Web Trader. Real-time data is provided, which help predicting authentic price values, thus ultimately leading towards high profit. Charting and tools is another thing that is provided with the broker. As you know, a true prediction is impossible without tools and good usage of charts telling the past data. Trading is a very complex and difficult task, but the trading platform of Genesis11 has made the whole thing easy.

Access to Trading Education

No one can become professional without a good schooling or genuine education. The same case applies in the trading world, where one cannot make millions without becoming a professional trader. To become a professional trader, one should get education from an authentic place or get an online course. But Gnesiss11 has removed this tension from the minds of people as it has rolled out a perfect educational plan for its user base. In this education section, everything is explained, which is necessary for earning a lot of profit on the trading of assets.

In this first row, the company has pasted a trading glossary where the answer to every question is present. Furthermore, an explanation about every trading term is written there in a clear way so that basic concepts of people should be cleared. In this glossary, users can find information about everything related to trading.

FAQ section of the broker has answers for all your queries and questions. It is the accumulation of solutions and answers which are mostly asked by the users. It lets you find quick solutions in case you stuck on the website.

Webinars and videos also play an important role in making people educated about trading. Video about any topic is listed on the site in which information is given in a very professional manner. Webinar session is an advanced thing, which enables you to join with the experts of the company. Forex signals are also provided along with other features to help people in their difficult trading journey.

Invest in a Wide Range of Instruments

On the platform of Genesis11, you not only invest in one asset, but you are open to a wide range of assets. It is a versatile platform that lets users access a wide selection of markets. Users of Genesis11 can trade assets, including cryptocurrency, Forex, metals, indices, and CFDs. All these trading instruments are known for giving high returns on investments.

Cryptocurrency is now a top trending instrument as it can boost investors’ profit potential to many folds. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency both in price value and trading volume, and it has outperformed the world’s major assets in performance. Soon after a worldwide recognition of Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Cardano, stepped into the world. The global crypto market has also reached up to $1.5 trillion, and it is successfully heading towards $2 trillion. Bitcoin’s market cap is also near $1 trillion. According to experts, it would replace the gold’s market cap by claiming $10 trillion.

The forex market is also a big market where investors trade trillions on a daily basis. It is also a volatile market but not like the crypto market. A lot of currency pairs are preset at the service of traders and investors, which makes Genesis11 a top-notch trading company.

Metal trading is another attractive thing that could also make people healthy if they utilize them in a proper way. Besides gold, silver also has a big potential, and top investors of the world have also added silver to their portfolios.


Genesis11 is a regulated trading place for instruments, including cryptocurrency, forex, CFDs, Forex, and metals. Existing users are happy with its trading services as it takes care of their needs. As a versatile trading broker, it opens new doors of opportunities for traders and investors.

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