Finetero Review – Is Finetero Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Finetero Review

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During the corona era, Finetero has become popular, so I decided to write a Finetero review for those who are not as aware of it. A lot has changed in the past couple of months. Ever since the recent pandemic, the world has suffered a lot. Many people experienced job loss, loss of income, and loss of stability during this time. People were completely helpless due to the nature of the pandemic and their job. Because most people were dependent on others for their regular salaries, they had never expected to face so many struggles after not getting paid. During this time, fields that granted freedom and independence and had no restrictions were in the spotlight. One of these happened to be online trading.

Online trading is a field that has gained a lot of followers due to its nature. Because it grants the traders a lot of freedom and at the same time they get the chance to maximize their profits yet not be controlled by someone, it is a preferred choice of career. It is not that typical job where you are answerable to your boss, or you have to work for certain hours, or you have to be presentable and attend every day. Due to the aspect of it being online, it has created convenience for everyone and has allowed people to join according to their preference. People who still work can also do this as a side hobby and can earn extra money through it. This is just a method of making money, but with a more flexible lifestyle.

Online trading has also introduced the use of trading tools, trading assets, and different trading markets through which you can broaden your whole career. These allow you to generate lots of money and that too in such a short time without having to fear anything. These tools have especially been introduced just so that traders can find ease in carrying out their exchanges. Many platforms also allow their clients to get educated and trained. Once again, online trading is a sort of work that does not have strict regulations or does not require a certain degree so that you can qualify as a trader. You can start off small and invest whatever amount is possible, and as you get familiar with the ways of trading, you can increase the stakes.

To get further help in trading, working with a good broker is ideal. A broker is required anyways to help in making trades happen, but this way, they help in other things too. By having a broker by your side, you can make wiser decisions because they carry out a lot of research and are very familiar with the trading market. By making the right decisions, your chance to complete successful trades, get more profit, and get experience will increase.

Looking for a broker that can provide all of these features is the difficult part as it is hard to go through so many options since the market is filled with lots of brokers. If you are a trader, walking into a trap of scam or loss can be very dangerous. It can result in severe losses that, at times, a trader cannot recover from. So when you start looking for a broker in the market, you must search for one that seems genuine, one who is not selling fake promises and hopes of making your trading career success just to get money out of you. They should also be very well experienced and professional. So far, Finetero has proven to be one of those brokerage platforms that provide all of this.

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Overview Of Finetero

As a broker, it is pretty recent, and it has not been a long time since Finetero has been introduced in the market. It is known globally and has been able to reach out and extend its services to 150 countries. As I said, it is new and was introduced in 2018, so it has only been a couple of years. When people hear about this brokerage company, they think that Finetero will be like the other new brokers, not be experienced and all. But that is not the case, because in such a short amount of time it has managed to build its reputation. It is such a reputable company that is known to be professional when it deals with customers. Lenient and offers freedom, as well as being very experienced and offering top-notch services to help traders in trading. Read along as I will discuss its most prominent features in detail.

Variety of assets

In recent times, the financial market has developed very rapidly. But this has only been in favor of the traders and has increased the benefits. Rather than restricting traders to one asset, the market has allowed many different assets to be introduced in the market, and this way, customers can trade with them and make so much profit. But only those who are lucky get this opportunity, and the reason behind it is that not every broker can give you the chance to trade different assets.

Through this benefit, what you can do is choose which market or asset suits your bets. This should be something you can feel comfortable with while trading. Most of the time, traders choose those assets to trade with, which would give them the most profits, and this is an expected decision. But for it to actually happen, you have to find a broker that lets you decide this. Finetero allows all of this. It allows you to trade at your own will and choose whichever asset you are comfortable with. To further accompany your desire of broadening your trading expertise and grant you the options, the broker has included over 1,000 trading instruments on its trading platform. All of these come from different markets, but you can access any of them through Finetero.

The main thing about this is that it lets you experience trading in various markets, this way you can choose which one is the good one for you. You can also choose whether you would prefer to specialize in one market or continue to trade in different ones. Finetero also allows you to trade in one of the most reputable and profitable markets, which is the forex trading market. It is known to have an abundant amount of currency pairs. Even Finetero grants access to trade various currency pairs, some of these pairs that the broker has are EUR/USD and AUD/USD, but there are many more too. Then Finetero also lets you trade commodities, which are also very valuable in the market. One of the reasons they have recently gained a lot of popularity is because of the regular profits that they bring, and they come in two forms, one is soft, and the other is hard. You can choose which one to trade.

The soft commodity and hard commodity differ from each other. For example, in the market, the soft commodity offers rice, sugar, corn, and wheat, and there are others too, whereas the hard commodity includes stuff like natural gas, silver and crude oil, and more. On the one hand, soft commodity deals with agricultural goods, and hard commodity includes metal and energies, so they vary a lot. But this only broadens the market so that customers have so many different options to choose from. Then you can invest in stocks that are basically shares of major companies such as Amazon, Yahoo, BMW, and many other trending companies. Lastly, one of the current top trending assets is a cryptocurrency, as many of you already know. It is also available at Finetero, and they provide a variety too, you have access to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more. 

Finetero also provides options for those interested in trading indices. As you can see now, it has included all the fields of the market possible. Within those even, it has provided numerous options, and this shows that it is interested in helping its customers to find that trading asset that will help them become successful.

The security system of Finetero

No matter if you are a trader, investor, or broker, being provided with security is really important. This not only ensures that as an individual, you will be safe from anyone trying to cause harm but also that your investments, your profits, and your private information will also be secure. Ever since the trading market has shifted to online trading, the risks have multiplied. That is due to the many harms that the web exposes to people. These can come in the form of hackers or scammers. That is why when you want to start working with a broker, you have to be sure of its security system before signing up with it. To do this, you should study it, read the broker’s policies and try to make sense of whether it suits you or not. Finetero is a platform that does not take security lightly.  Unlike other brokers who try to save up and just put a security system that would not hold off any hackers, Finetero has invested a great deal into securing its site.

First of all, Finetero has incorporated the 2FA policy into its security system, which stands for Two Factor Authentication, and it basically allows only the right people to access their trading accounts. It prevents any person’s entry that does not have access to it. Secondly, this brokerage firm has implemented the AML policy too, which is Anti Money Laundering, and the KYC, that is Know Your Customer policy. Both of these are the most common and most beneficial policies as they guarantee that any trail of money which is not supposed to be happening will instantly be detected. And that only verified customers can work with Finetero. The KYC policy asks the customers to submit two documents once they have signed up. Without this, they cannot start trading. The first document is a government-authorized one, such as a passport, and the second is one that confirms your address. Any utility bill such as an electricity bill can be submitted.

To further ensure the customers of Finetero that their security is prioritized, an encryption system is also set in place. Finetero has chosen SSL encryption that prevents any hacker from getting access to any information or investments. Through this encryption, any information you enter is protected right at that time. They have also decided to separate the customer’s account just so that they do not fear the mixing of funds.

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Trading Platforms provided by Finetero

Trading platforms help you to access the trading market in order for your trades to be accessible. The trading platform varies from broker to broker. This is another factor to consider before you confirm working with a broker as a good platform for trading is a must thing for you. However, if your broker only provides you access to a trading platform that is slow and does not perform so well, it is going to affect you. Your trades will not go through so quickly. You will miss all the good trading deals. Unlike other brokers, Finetero has recognized that its customers need a really good trading platform and has provided just that.

To provide its customers with the best, Finetero has granted them access to one of the best and most successful trading platforms, which is the MT4 trading platform. The platform is known to be the most updated, and it is equipped with the latest technology. Features of it, such as a friendly interface for users, have allowed users to simply navigate it. This way, they do not get confused because there is nothing complex on the platform. It also has the option for instant trade and one-click trading. This feature has proven to be a success and a major factor that has helped improve trades. Because it creates ease in their trading and does not require them to waste time just to execute trades, but it also has other significant features, such as trading signals, market news, and live charts. There are others too, but these are the features of the trading platform, and they have made a significant difference in trading.

Finetero also provides access to another trading platform called WebTrader. This platform can be accessed through the web browser rather than having to download it. And because of its form, it is easily accessible, from any gadget or at any time, as long as you can access the web. This is a more flexible platform. It allows traders to trade multiple assets from a single platform. And you can download the mobile trading apps on your phones if you are interested in using that whilst traveling.

Multiple account types at Finetero

When a broker provides the options in account type, it is a very beneficial thing. It means that the broker recognizes that not all customers have the same needs and goals. It also recognizes that some of its customers might be starting their trading careers and thus cannot afford the same price as the professional traders. A lot of times, brokers make the mistake of providing limited account types, one, two, or even three, but these are not made so carefully, and for that reason, customers often struggle. Finetero, on the other hand, recognizes that every trader is unique, and therefore it has created the account types with a lot of thought process behind them. These accounts cater to diverse customers and provide them with really good options.

To start off, it provides the traders with the chance to use their demo trading account. Through this account, you get to practice trading and get to experience how it really feels without experiencing any loss or gain. After that, you can choose which account you want. If you look at the account offering of the broker, you will find that there are five accounts available for you. The order of these trading accounts is first (Bronze), second (Silver), third (Gold), fourth (Platinum), and the last one is (Premium). Within these accounts, you will be provided with a lot of features. Some of them are similar for all the trading accounts, such as education, access to customer support, and trading platforms. But then there are many services that are unique to each of these accounts. For instance, the investment required to unlock the account varies. For the first one, it is $5000, and this increases till you reach a premium which is $250,000. Then each of these accounts also come with additional benefits, private trading sessions, discount on commissions, and access to certain events.

When depositing or withdrawing, they allow options for currency too. You can choose any from USD, EUR, and GBP. The payment methods you can choose are bank transfer, use of credit or debit cards, and e-wallets.


Through this trading site, you are provided with numerous benefits that are not so common. Brokers these days are not as thoughtful and considerate for their customers the way Finetero is. Finetero has constantly chosen to add those features and services which would guarantee that their customers face further success in their careers. Through the use of such advanced trading platforms, really good trading tools, and exposure to various trading assets, you can get to improve your trading experience greatly.

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