Game Developer Ubisoft Joins XPLA Network as Validator

The renowned game developer Ubisoft has agreed to collaborate with the XPLA blockchain network to boost the gaming experience. In a March 8 blog post, the Ubisoft team confirmed that it will add the XPLA as its node validator. 

Driven by the desire to redefine the gaming sector, Ubisoft has been leveraging the power of blockchain to develop games that blend with the needs of the players. 

Ubisoft Integrates XPLA Network

The shift to the blockchain ecosystem aimed at enabling Ubisoft to integrate diverse in-game features into its video games. In 2021, the Ubisoft team integrated nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on the Tezos network. 

This integration aimed at enabling the Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance players a platform to earn after trading the in-game feature. Shortly after the addition of Tezos, Ubisoft integrated Cronos and Hedera networks. 

The integration of additional gaming chains propelled the Ubisoft games, such as Assassin’s Creed, to rank among the video games with a large following.

The France-based gaming studio currently ranks among the largest gaming companies competing with fast-paced companies such as Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, and Gameloft, among others. Despite the fierce competition in the gaming industry, the Ubisoft team has garnered myriad awards in gaming competitions.

Role of Node Validators in Gaming

Despite gaining popularity after debuting one of the best-performing video games, Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft has been investing in integrating more gaming chains. The integration of the XPLA network will enable Ubisoft to analyze on-chain data. 

On Medium, the XPLA platform confirmed that Ubisoft has joined the platform as a node validator. Occasionally, node validators are used to verify the XPLA blockchain network. 

According to the report, the XPLA has around 64 active validators. The XPLA team leader, Paul Kim, announced that the partnership will restore trust and transparency in the Web3 sector. 

The executive welcomed Ubisoft to the XPLA ecosystem. He believes that integrating the XPLA network on Ubisoft will offer the game enthusiast an impressive experience. Ubisoft has been adding additional gaming chains to meet customers’ needs. 

Ubisoft Reveals Next Move

A statement from the business analyst at Ubisoft, Laetitia Leclerc, demonstrated that the integration of the XPLA network offers the gaming company endless opportunities to create engaging and rewarding experiences for Web3 players.

The executive was pleased to be part of the XPLA as a node validator. Mr Leclerc believes that through the collaboration with Ubisoft, the gaming company will support the XPLA in attaining its vision of Web3 gaming.

The executive pledged that Ubisoft will leverage its vast expertise in gaming to safeguard the XPLA network. He anticipates that the integration of XPLA will enable Ubisoft to support data validation efficiently.

In his report, the executive argued that the partnership with the XPLA will support the network in becoming a leading content hub for digital media and gaming. A review of the XPLA website demonstrated that the network is supported by the consensus of the Tendermint blockchain engines and Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT). 

With this network’s recent development, most crypto games, including The Themoners War and The Walking Dead, are positioned in the XPLA ecosystem. Other companies that operate on the XPLA network include Google Cloud, Com2uS, and Animoca Brands, among other crypto games.

Besides supporting famous crypto games, Ubisoft has supported NFT projects, including “Cross the Ages.” Meanwhile, the gaming company is working on creating an NFT-inspired game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicle, on the Oasys blockchain.

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