Carbonated Inc. Secure $11M in Funding Round to Accelerate Development of ‘MadWorld’ Game

In a recent report, the renowned nonfungible token (NFT) gaming studio Carbonated Inc. secured $11 million in a series A funding round. The Korean-based game studio Com2uS led the funding round in collaboration with fast-paced companies, including Andreessen Horowitz, Cypher Capital, Bitkraft Ventures, and Blocore. Other participants in the funding round included WAGMI Ventures and Goal Ventures. 

Carbonated Inc. Raises $11 in Series A Funding

The funds secured from the successful funding round will be used in developing Carbonated NFT shooter game MadWorld. Driven by the desire to offer the players an immersive gaming experience, the Carbonated team officially released the registration of MadWorld early access playtest on March 14. 

According to the report, the team behind the MadWorld anticipates releasing the NFT game on the iOS and Android platforms. Before then MadWorld team will allow the game enthusiasts to explore the NFT territory control features of the new game. 

A review of the game feature demonstrated that the MadWorld will be a unique game with a post-apocalyptic earth theme. This implies that MadWorld will allow the players to buy and sell tokenized land assets in a real-world location. 

The developer has allocated 250,000 portions of land to specific resources. To obtain these resources, the players will engage in waging war to control the land assets. Depending on the resources allocated on a particular land and their benefits, the player must pay tribute to the land owner. This implies that the land owner will receive an equal amount of in-game currency, “Rounds,” for the piece of land. 

Features of MadWorld NFT Shooter Game

The Carbonated team plans to introduce on-chain tokens in the future for compensation of the land assets. Initially, the Carbonated team had hinted at the launching of MadWorld early this year.

 At that time, the game developers outlined that the MadWorld shooter game would consist of competitive shooting action features from the third person with access to territory control gameplay elements.

An announcement conveyed by the chief executive of Carbonated, Travis Boatman, revealed that MadWorld’s latest development allows the players to maintain and maximize their benefits. 

The executive stated that landowners can sink their in-game currency into their respective land. Mr. Boatman confessed that the MadWorld team plans to convert the rounds to on-chain tokens in the coming days. 

But before then Carbonated Inc will consult the MadWorld early access players. Having been in the gaming industry for a very long time, the CEO ranks among the award-winning executives.

Analyzing Future of Crypto Games

In his previous role, Boatman led the Zynga and Electronic Arts in launching Zynga Poker, The Simpsons, and Words with Friends. The executive has strongly supported launching mobile games to reach a large audience.

In his speech, the CEO argued that the growing popularity of mobile games will propel Web3 to the desired growth. The official noted that lately mobile game players prefer purchasing the gaming features using digital assets to local currencies. 

With the shift to players’ preferences, Boatman encouraged purchasing gaming elements on the on-chain platform. The executive encouraged the game developers to migrate to an on-chain platform to improve the gaming experience. 

He noted that the benefits of on-chain platforms compelled fast-paced companies to invest in this technology. Boatman recognized the remarkable efforts made by the legislators to provide comprehensive rules for digital assets. 

The executive believes that with the ongoing amendment of the rules, the regulators will safeguard the consumers from exploitative business activities. Occasionally, when a free-to-play mobile game enters that market, Boatman regrets that players are exposed to hack and manipulative practices. 

With the changes in the customer’s preferences, the executive urged the developers to invest in creating an exclusive game that supports customer retention. Citing the complex environment in game creation, the official noted that few market players are taking the brave move to transform the gaming industry.

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