Gaimin Releases a Web3-Powered Game Launcher to Boost User Experiences

Gaimin, Switzerland’s leading Web3 gaming developer, has activated a unique game launcher on its platform. A report from the Gaimin team dated March 16 revealed that the company would integrate a rewarding system to boost gaming interest. The team plans to launch a play-to-earn reward system on the platform to attract a larger gaming audience.

Features of the Game Launcher

The team behind the new feature on the Gaimin platform has invested in restructuring the platform to create extra multiplayer features to enable the creators to develop compelling Web3 games. The team revealed plans to introduce rewarding features to boost the players’ morale and provide a remarkable opportunity to earn from gaming.

The Gaimin team has leveraged its technologies and expertise to expedite the growth of blockchain-related games. This development will enable the players to control their digital assets on the gaming platform.

Nonetheless, the Gaimin team proposed a new reward system built on the cloud platform to allow users to redeem their rewards more effortlessly. The technical team has also deployed a data processor to improve the distribution of funds on the platform.

Additionally, the development of the Gaimin platform has integrated video rendering software and blockchain computation features to address the gaps in the Web3 gaming industry. The Gaimin team plans to reward the Web3 gaming enthusiast with GMRX tokens and NFT collections.

Gaimin Achievement in Supporting Expansion of Web3

Besides the game launcher features, the Gaimin team has spearheaded the adoption of Web3 and blockchain technologies by developing cutting-edge solutions for the gaming industry. Recently, the team developed GaimCraft, an innovative application programming interface for developers.

The GaimCraft platform enables game developers to revamp their traditional gaming projects to fit the needs of the Web3 gaming sector. This development has attracted more game developers and players  on the Gaimin platform.

Following the positive adoption of GaimCraft, the Gaimin team plans to improve the platform’s functionality to provide the user with endless opportunities.

According to Gaimin chief executive Martin Speight, integrating the game launcher feature will make gaming more enjoyable. Speight revealed plans to continue transforming the Web3 games by adopting emerging technologies.

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