DoraHacks Partnering with Oraichain to Support Growth of Blockchain and AI Technologies

The Beijing-based hackathon facilitator DoraHacks has signed a partnership agreement with Oraichain to push for the adoption of Layer 1 technologies for artificial intelligence (AI). The team plans to launch new projects to expedite blockchain-powered AI technology development.

In the March 16 press release, the new partners plan to utilize AI technologies to create a platform for developers to create decentralized applications (dAPPs) necessary to boost user experiences.

DorraHacks Partners with Oraichain 

The Singapore-based blockchain and AI service provider Oraichain plans to integrate cutting-edge technologies on its platform to expedite the information sharing between the smart contracts. Following the updates concerning the partnership, Oraichain plans to develop a complete tech stack for the developers.

The company plans to develop a friendly platform equipped with innovative tools to inspire the developers of decentralized applications and softwares to come up with unique AI and blockchain technologies.

The partnership agreement tasks DorraHacks to plan and coordinate hackathon programs, seminars, and workshops done online and offline by the Oraichain team. The DorraHacks team also agreed to support the Oraichain with multiple security measures.

Significance of AI and Blockchain Technologies

A review of the partnership report states that DoraHacks will validate the Oraichain platform. Dorrahacks has enormous capabilities to position Oraichain at a pivot space since it ranks among the best Web3 development companies.

News concerning the partnership has propelled the Oraichain native token (ORAI) to trade at $5.87, an increase of 3.59% within the last 24 hours.

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