Today the bitcoin mixers claim to be real anonymity services which unfortunately aren’t. Bitcoin, altcoins and blockchain are pretty new and lots of services will come and go due the copy-paste service models that most of the companies will do as a result of the interaction with the new market. Any new market has lots of offers as well as demand but not always its easy to find the real and professional company to whom you can trust.


Bitcoin and altcoin mixers are one of the services you should really take care in order to have a professional service. Unfortunately, all the mixers around there tend to sell services as anonym but they aren’t.


As a result of many fake mixers on the market boned with a team of leading specialists and developers who are worried about the anonymity in the network including the anonymity of the cryptocurrency have created the project called Bitcoin mixer BESTMIXER.IO which can provide you with an absolutely new level of security and privacy in your cryptocurrency transactions. The project has its own slogan which is ‘Protection of your anonymity is our obligation’.


Why has been BESTMIXER.IO created? What is it aimed for? Here are the most important questions.

As you know today we can mention a lot of mixers which are operating in the market, in fact none of them are anonymous because most of the mixers are the same or just the copies. However, BESTMIXER.IO is a completely different mixer compared to the others.  One of the exceptional features that have BESTMIXER.IO is that it can tumble a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


BESTMIXER.IO or bitcoin tumbler is a tool for increasing the anonymity of the cryptocurrency via splitting the connection between the coin sending address and the coin receiving address. The operation algorithm used here is quite simple. As all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded in the blockchain registry, mixing allows private individuals to have confidential information about place of storing and sending the coins and person or organization from whom they receive them.

This new system allows the users to try a very useful utility – CAE-check. CAE, or ‘Сoin Anonymization Event’-check, will verify the level of your cryptocurrencies (currently bitcoin) anonymity. The operation is very easy to perform, it is just needed to select the mixer you have used before, choose whether you have used the multi-address split feature, and enter the address generated by the mixer for the transfer.


The most important features of BESTMIXER.IO are:

  1. True anonymity – CAE-check (‘Сoin Anonymization Event’) utility checks the anonymity of bitcoins after the use of the traditional mixers; Privacy and Security Policy; SSL Secured.
  2. The lowest service fee -io has one of the lowest service fees in the market. The service fee starts from 0.5% only and after applying of your personal discount you will be able to pay even lower fees.
  3. Multi- crypto currency mixer – One of the exceptional features of this service is the possibility to tumble variety of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.
  4. API for developers – All the power of BESTMIXER.IO on your own website; create your unique service with BestMixer’s API absolutely for free; guarantee to your clients security of payments, using only anonymized coins.
  5. Multi-language – IO offers a multi-language product that provides users with all the necessary information about how the bitcoin mixing service works. Other supported languages are English, Korean, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, and German.
  6. Reliability – Letter of Guarantee is available.
  7. Conviniency – Intuitive website easy to use; the minimum amount of transfer for each type of coins is:
    Bitcoin: 0.005 BTC
    Bitcoin Cash: 0.005 BCH
    Litecoin: 0.005 LTC
  8. Upcoming updates – Update of translations

Indeed the news project can solve a lot of problems and enlarge the sphere bitcoin mixers. Start using BESTMIXER.IO right now and be ready to achieve more.


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