AERON –  Next Generation of Aviation Safety

AERON – Solving the Human Factor Issues on Aviation Sector

Due the fact that more and more people invest into travelling in order to get the best experiences, the aviation need to improve their service solutions to keep the safety of the passengers across the world.

Based on several analytics travelling and tourism is one of the largest industries on the market and getting bigger. Within 10 years the potential to double the current numbers is very possible.

But as everyone may know everything related to aviation involves high level of professionality in order to keep safe the passengers and the trips. But due the fact of human being and plus other potential issues like having unlicensed pilots, technical issues that didn’t past correctly the control. All its resumes human factor and that means can have points unchecked or at least not have 100% insurance that all is OK.

That’s the reason AERON have been created, to bring Blockchain for Aviation Safety to the next level.

Areon Blockchain platform is developed to find the mismatch data between different sources, like pilots, air traffic control or aviation authorities being able to quickly detect the issue and fix the problem.

Aviation authorities can also detect any pilots operating with an expired license. As a consumer, or flight school student, you have access to the verified global database through

Aeron has also proved that is 100% focused on its goals and that shows the professionalism and dedication for the project.

As for now the Initial Coin Offering and the road map for the last 6 months have been very intense and profitable.

Staring from September 2017 the token was released for the token sale, which was very welcomed from the investors because of the company and members background and project idea to make aviation safer than ever.

On October and November 2017 Aeron developed a MVP application for companies and pilots as well launched the consumer aviation portal called

On the last month of the 2017 year integrated the pilot and company application into blockchain and later in March 2018 was the public launch.

Later on February 2018 the Aeron legal advisor and an external lobbying agency have been in consultation with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the USA and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in European Union being fully complaint the pilot flight logging application with FAA and EASA!

Out of the road map have been identified another great niche which can significantly reduce the light and ultra-light aircraft construction costs connecting aircraft kit manufacturers with core component manufactures and professional assemblers, supporting the customer to put the project together, assemble custom aircraft and obtain all necessary documentation to pass the bureaucratic procedures and have the aircraft registered and airworthy.

On April 2018(last month) was integrated on blockchain and currently is fully integrated with Ethereum blockchain, making it possible to proceed to the next critical milestone — enabling token payments for services.


There are lot of things coming this year to keep moving the great Aeron project to save lives and make aviation safe and secure thanks to blockchain.




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