FTX US Inks A Deal With BlockFi That Will Give the Exchange The Option to Buy the Lending Firm

FTX US has signed an agreement with BlockFi to provide the exchange of crypto derivatives the option to buy the lending company. In a Twitter thread shared by BlockFi on Friday, Zac Prince (the CEO of the platform) stated that the crypto lending company had inked contracts of up to $400M credit services and the choice to obtain BlockFi at an inconstant price of nearly $240M per the performance triggers.

In the words of the CEO, the contract was included in an endeavor to make advancements in liquidity as well as to shield the funds of the consumers at BlockFi. The contracts even require shareholder approval. As Prince put it, volatility prevailed within the market of cryptocurrency – specifically, the market incidents dealing with 3AC and Celsius – which had considerably impacted BlockFi, and became a reason behind the decision.

The crypto lending venue underwent approximately $80M in its losses after the pause of withdrawals by Celsius and after moving toward several unappealing choices for recovery, started a collaboration with FTX US. Prince mentioned that the entirety of the services and products – taking into account withdrawals and funding, credit card as well as global organizational services – offered by them keep on operating usually, with increasing capital strength at their back.

In a blog post published on Friday, BlockFi condemned the reports shared on Thursday asserting that FTX wished to buy the company for up to $25M. As per the CEO, the credit facility of almost $400M, the acquisition price of nearly $240M, and the rest of the likely considerations had a cumulative amount of $680M – for a firm that had a valuation of up to $5B in June previous year.

Prince signaled – while pointing toward the report – that it was circulated because of the inadequately leaked call as well as a completely individual conjecture on the behalf of one party. BlockFi has a prestigious position among the earliest companies which liquidated a few of the positions of Three Arrows Capital in June following the reported failure of the company to cope with the margin calls made by the lenders thereof.

During the downturn that took place within the market as well as the mounting price volatility, it was declared by the crypto lending company that 20% would be laid off by it out of the 850-strong staff thereof, keeping nearly 600 people. It is not yet clarified whether an acquisition of the FTX US would alter the decision thereof.

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