Big Four Accounting Firm KPMG Announces To Open Its First Metaverse Collaboration Hub

­KPMG, considered to be among the top 4 accounting companies operating within Canada as well as the U.S., has disclosed introducing its initial metaverse collaboration center to assist its consumers and employees in pursuing advancement opportunities within the digital zone.

The platform is becoming a part of the metaverse with a unique collaboration center responsible for connecting users, employees, as well as others via Web3. The firm is doing a cumulative investment of up to $30M this year in projects dealing with Web3-based experiences.

As per a report published on the behalf of Fortune on Tuesday, the center will be centered around events related to training, collaboration, education, and other such workshops.

Cliff Justice, the enterprise innovation leader at KPMG U.S., asserted that the platform has an intention to appoint more people to construct the respective project and spread it with time. the firm’s long-term goal is to analyze the rest of the likely use cases of the metaverse like health care, financial services, media, and so on.

The chief operating officer and deputy chair at KPMG U.S., Laura Newinski, revealed that the metaverse provides a chance to re-involve talent, as well as a way to interconnect people throughout the world via an exclusive collaborative experience.

The firms will keep on delving into the possibilities dealing with Web3 3.0 as well as the crypto sector, co-establish unique instruments as well as solutions that offer critical insights, introduce immersive development and learning venues, appoint talent to provide knowledge, and assist to steer the varying confluence of the digital and physical zones, among the rest of the things, as included in its strategy to bring innovation.

With the epidemic of COVID-19, an interest was sparked among the people to take part in the metaverse. An increase has been witnessed in the craving for turning internet contact into more lifelike with more people’s endeavors to work as well as going to school online.

One of the top banks working within the United States, JPMorgan, gained a prominent position within the headlines in this year’s early days as a paper was published on its behalf in which it proposed that a 1 trillion-dollar chance is to be provided by the metaverse technology. It also specified to construct the headquarters thereof in the metaverse named Decentraland.

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