The ‘Ethereum Killer’ EOS Launches New Protocol

The ‘Ethereum Killer’ EOS Launches New Protocol

EOS, a blockchain network, which is always referred to as Ethereum killer, announced it has released a new protocol on Github called Dawn 3.0. It is designed to provide vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.

The developers of EOS are hoping to create a platform without any fees, offering scalability to millions of transactions per second and replace hard forks with supermajority Consensus.

The previous two versions of Dawn protocol were released in September and December last year. The EOS founder Dan Larimer announced about its third and final version release.

The Dawn 3 version offers additional features such as deferred transactions, staking pools for the DPoS, a new token standard, and a new currency contract.

EOS community is very much excited, even though only an alpha version of Dawn 3 has been released.

The platform is going to offer infinite scalability. Developers have turned away form Ethereum, because of scalability. The EOS community believes that Dawn 3.0 will solve those issues once and for all. And for that reason, EOS has a market value of $5.4 billion at this conceptual stage.

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