Ethereum Class and Fantom Currently Among High Gainers in Recent Cryptocurrency Trading Sessions

Ethereum Classic

During the Monday trading, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has proven to be one of the most notable gainers. It has displayed a very remarkable performance. While the rest of the cryptocurrencies all exhibited green figures in terms of their growth, ETC’s growth was on another level.

On Sunday, Ethereum Classic stood at a low of $20.56. However, the ETC/USD pair was about to shock the entire cryptocurrency with its strong performance. On Sunday, Ethereum Classic started its day at a low of $20.56. However, the intraday price of Ethereum Classic ended up hitting a peak of $23.65.

As of now, the price of Ethereum Classic has experienced triple surges. Due to the constant surges, the trading price of Ethereum Classic has ended up drawing distance between itself and the support level. The support level Ethereum Classic has managed to evade is $19.50.

Following the surge, the price of Ethereum Classic now stands slightly below $24.10, which is the resistance level. The recent high trend has also pushed Ethereum Classic’s RSI to the ceiling. The RSI for Ethereum Classic can be seen exhibiting a score of 45.70. Surprisingly, this particular level for the RSI hasn’t been broken since the beginning of April.

The data suggest that for an entire year, the trading price of Ethereum Classic has hovered over the $25 mark. It is being expected that Ethereum Classic would attempt to make it back to the same spot.


Alongside EthereumClassi, Fantom also managed to surprise its entire community. It also demonstrated a strong performance on Monday and ranked as one of the top gainers in the entire cryptocurrency universe. The growth it gained in the particular time period was 20%. On May 10, it was now when the trading price of Fantom hit a peak price of $0.5183.

Just five days back, Fantom was exhibiting its floor price which was worth $0.3100. By achieving a trading price of $0.5183, Fantom successfully achieved its two-week high price.

Following the recent push, the trading price of Fantom has now come close to the $0.6000 mark. It is currently one of the initial resistance marks for Fantom. This is the first time in two weeks that the price of Fantom has come close to the particular resistance mark.

In order to see its ceiling, it is very important for Fantom to accumulate more strength for its price. For now, the RSI for Fantom is hovering underneath the ceiling.

For any bullish or bearish predictions to be made regarding Fantom, it is yet to be witnessed which side has more determination than the other.

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