Original Cover of Tupac’s ‘The Don Killuminati’ Upcoming For NFT Auction Soon

With the collaboration of Heritage Auctions and Zelus, the original cover poster of Tupac’s fifth studio album will be put up for an auction.

Tupac Amaru Shakur aka 2Pac was a legendary hip-hop artist who was born in New York, USA in 1971. He was and still is considered as one of the most talented rapper whose influence continues in the music industry to date even after his early departure. He was assassinated at a very young age of 25 years when on the night of 7th September, 1996 he was shot four times. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and after struggling for his life for six days he was eventually laid to rest on 13th September, 1996. The Don Killuminati was 2Pac’s fifth official studio album and the first out of the seven albums which were eventually released after his death.

Now the official cover poster of 2Pac’s 5th album namely ‘The Don Killuminati’ is planned to auction through an NFT sale. It was reported in the press that an NFT sale deal has been inked between Heritage Auctions and Zelus. Zelus is a company which is involved in the business of converting collectible items into digital properties through an NFT. On the other hand, Heritage Auctions, as the name suggests, is a famous US-based auction house involved in selling of digital and non-digital collectibles.

The cover poster of first posthumous album of 2Pac was designed by a famous cover artist and a legend within himself, Riskie Forever. According to Zelus, the collectible album cover was designed based on the personal input of 2Pac himself. In the cover photograph, 2Pac could be seen hanging on the cross with parental advice written in the middle of the poster.

Zelus stated in a tweet post on the NFT that 2Pac was a legend and his music was not only meaningful but timeless as well. In the tweet post, Zelus also made announcement of the auction date which is suggested to be the 18th of June, 2022. The tweet post of Zelus was responded and further tagged by the legendary boxer Mike Tyson. The boxer said that it is a one-time opportunity for those who want to own a relic which 2Pac once held dear to.

The opening price of the bid has been kept at US$ 125,000 as has been told by Zelus. Along with the NFT, the collector will also get a never heard and spoken of tale revealing a story behind the design of the collectible.

As per the website and tweet post of Zelus, interested parties can sign up for the auction. However, a one-time free random NFT reward will be offered to those who will ensure sign up with Zelus before 6th of June, 2022. After 5th June, the offering will be closed, told Zelus.

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