El Salvador Releases a Bitcoin Training Program for Developers

On March 15, the crypto-friendly country El Salvador launched a Bitcoin training program to push the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. The training program aims at equipping developers with skills on Web3 and blockchain technologies.

The Salvadoran government collaborated with the largest stablecoin issuer Tether and Wilmington-based venture capital firm Fulgur to launch the program. The Bitcoin training program will also enable the participant to establish strong networks with the crypto industrial heavyweights.

Importance of the Bitcoin Training Program

The March 15 report stated that the newly launched program dubbed CUBO+ had integrated a series of coursework to equip the developer with Bitcoin-related studies. The program will run for less than 12 months, and the training will be online and offline.

At the end of the training, the facilitators plan to reward the participant with a sizable amount of digital assets. The participant with best results will proceed to the Bitcoin plan B fellowship program.

Initially, the Salvadorian pro-crypto president Nayib Bukele launched the plan B program in 2022 during the opening of the Lugano-based Bitcoin office. President Bukele has spearheaded the adoption of Bitcoin in the region by implementing crypto-friendly regulations.

A recent study on President Bukele-Bitcoin-led projects revealed that more than 150 Salvaldorian traders have shifted to Bitcoin transactions.

Scope of Bitcoin Education in El Salvador

Nonetheless, the learning institution in El Salvador supported the Bitcoin Plan B program to address the gaps in the education system. The program selected the best-performing students in computer science who will be introduced to Bitcoin fundamentals by experts in the ever-evolving field.

Currently, the organizers of the Plan B initiative are seeking to hire the best trainers who will be tasked to support the learners throughout the training. The Salvadoran president has pledged to support the CUBO+ project by establishing learning centers and providing learning materials.

Besides president Bukele’s long-standing support, the University of Don Bosco stated on March 15, plans to back the project. The Bitcoin office management team has also agreed to collaborate with other education agencies to support the CUBO+ program.

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