Digital Wallet Feature Identified on the Microsoft Edge Platform

On March 17, the Europe-based software development company Albacore updated the Twitter community on the unexpected entrance of Microsoft into the crypto world. The tweet revealed that the American-based software company Microsoft had developed a unique digital wallet centered on its Edge browser.

According to Albacore’s observation, the Microsoft-powered crypto wallet is undergoing the final  development before its activated. The tweet revealed that the Microsoft team had disabled the user accessibility of the proposed crypto asset.

Microsoft Pursuing Crypto World

A review of the March 17 tweet revealed that Microsoft’s technical team had leveraged their proprietary tools to develop a crypto wallet that would be traded through leading exchanges such as Coinbase and Moonplay. The development of the crypto wallet is at its preliminary stages and is yet to be launched on Microsoft edge.

Elsewhere, Microsoft revealed plans to launch the digital wallet for testing to gather significant input from the stakeholders. Microsoft’s latest development has created swirling rumors that the crypto wallet will fail to be actualized.

The research critics argued that the Microsoft team failed to see most projects’ fruition due to poor implementation plans. The researcher outlined a number of Microsoft failed projects due to inadequacies in the monitoring and evaluation plans.

Features of Edge Browser

Despite the ongoing speculations, the Albacore team confirmed that the Microsoft crypto wallet key features run smoothly. In the tweet, Albacore researchers revealed that the Edge wallet exhibits enormous potential and is ready to be launched in the production sector.

Per the current speculations, the fierce market competition in the tech industry has prompted Microsoft to invest in developing the unreleased crypto wallet. Also, the race to acquire a significant market share motivated Microsoft to invest in outperforming its closest rival, Opera.

A few months ago, the Opera team launched the Brave Browser platform that has integrated the metaverse, Web3 and blockchain technologies. The dynamism in the digital space challenged the Opera team to develop a digital wallet that mitigates the challenges in the crypto world.

The Brave Browser software built on the Solana network has integrated the custodial features to expedite crypto transactions.

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