Crypto Exchnage Poloniex Adds DeFi Token Decentr

Crypto exchange Poloniex has announced that Decentr is now available on its platform.

As the exchange reports, it has added the DeFi token Decentr (DEC) to its DeFi Innovations Zone. The listing of DEC follows the listings of YFI, STAKE, COMP, cUSDT, LEND, BAL, LRC, REN, BZRX, & MTA. Car HUD

Decentr is an immutable platform that collects & secures user data, providing everyone an option to monetize their online activity. Its native toke, DEC, is used to purchase & sell data. As Poloniex reports, it allows to define the value of users’ data.

Poloniex has also shared some DEC stats, such as the price ($0.134), the market cap, which is equal $8,200,211, as well as the market rank (#353), and circulating supply: 61,449,703 Decentr tokens. It set its all time high on July 25 of the current year: $0.187174, and the all time low on July 13, 2020 ($0.0313).


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