The 4 Best Bitcoin Influencers That You Need to Be Following

The 4 Best Bitcoin Influencers That You Need to Be Following

Bitcoin influencers can change the way you trade. Follow the right ones and change it for the better.

Influencer marketing- the strategy that is embodied by using a celebrity or well known social media star to sell a product. The products that often use these types of ad campaigns are considered “direct-to-consumer”, or the type of product that you don’t go through a household name corporation to get. You won’t find them at your grocery store, instead going directly to the company’s website itself or finding their products on aggregate retail platforms like Etsy, NuMonday or Shopify.

Which is a pretty great way to explain bitcoin, as any interested party would need to check out Bitvavo, a well-known bitcoin exchange platform, or a peer-to-peer network. Either way, you’ll not soon find caches of bitcoin lining the shelves of your local Walmart or Neiman Marcus any time soon. But these campaigns offer something more than just your run of the mill generic advertising scheme- they also tend to offer helpful tips, tutorials, or even trading advice.

What is a Crypto Influencer?

Like much of the modern beauty industry, bitcoiners are beginning to look towards influencers- media and advertising gurus that live on social networks, like Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. So what does Bitcoin have to do with a skincare regimen or makeup tutorial, you may ask? Well- it actually has to do more with the marketplace than the product.

Modern beauty brands are often small startups boasting niche brands that are unheard of and fairly novel in their approach to any given product. While bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t exactly representative of a new market (they were created in the late ’00s), they do exist outside of most centralized and mainstream arenas. Making them take on the appearance of a sub-corporate level brand that relies heavily on digital word-of-mouth marketing strategies.

Making both bitcoin and lesser-known beauty companies ideal for an influencer-driven market.

Who Are the Biggest and Best?

There are any number of bitcoin influencers. Some of them are leaders in the markets of trading and development. Some are little more than overblown detractors and conspiracy theorists. Knowing which ones to follow, and which ones to leave behind along with that grain of salt, can often be a tricky line to walk. Here are some of the best- based both on the number of followers as well as the depth of industry knowledge.

Vitalik Buterin

Chances are if you invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you’re already familiar with this name. Buterin may be best known as the founder of Ethereum, but the crypto developer powerhouse’s resume goes much deeper than that. Diving into cryptography at the young age of 17- well before it was an established business model. One of the early advocates of bitcoin, Buterin left the popular blockchain, becoming frustrated with the coin’s supposed limitations. Only to found one of the top altcoins known to man, alongside the continuing development of multiple types of blockchain-driven technologies.

Erik Voorhees

Since 2011, Voorhees has been a massive fan of crypto, as well as deeply involved in the marketing, trading, and developing of crypto-related publications and the currencies themselves. His vocal advocacy and optimistically cautious approach to the scene has given rise to massive popularity, particularly among Twitter users; where the man often gives out incredible advice- free of charge.

Barry Silbert

Silbert is readily recognizable to just about anyone who likes to stay in the know regarding bitcoin news. As a common name on Coindesk, a popular online publication devoted to crypto news and insight, he has been leading and educating the crypto masses for years. Not to mention he’s founded several of the top crypto companies, including Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments.

Tim Draper

More angel than an investor, Draper has pumped millions of dollars into crypto investments as a venture capitalist and angel investor. Pushing to back only the most “extraordinary projects”, an ICO with his name on it is almost guaranteed to succeed. Among his many crypto-focused endeavors, Draper backed the wildly popular Tezos in 2017. As an advocate for a better regulatory environment for cryptos, the influencer’s Twitter feed is a beautifully balanced collection of information, weighing both the risks and rewards of crypto effortlessly.

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