China May Be Keeping Missing Bitcoin Miners Of Iceland

China May Be Keeping Missing Bitcoin Miners Of Iceland

Last week local news reported that 600 missing machines for bitcoin mining of Iceland can be in China.

As to RUV, the police of Iceland have sent a request to the Chinese authorities after the latter country confiscated 600 computers for mining. According to the reports Tianjin Police confiscated the machines after finding unusually high electricity consumption, according to Xinhua News.

Informational service and press agency of China clarified that it could have been “the biggest case of power theft in recent years,” mentioning that eight powerful fans were also seized. Private individuals running the mining farm have short-circuited their electricity meter, thus escaping receiving a bill for the energy used to power the miners.

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Xinhua reported that left untouched, the meter would have recorded “hundreds of thousands of yuan” in bills.

Yet, it is not clear whether the machines captured in China have anything to do with the “Big Bitcoin Heist” of Iceland.” As beforehand reported, the mining machines were stolen during several incidents in December and January, and officials still have no luck finding them.   A reward in the amount of $ 60,000 is offered by the owner of the machine for any information that can lead to computers.

The suspicious mastermind of thefts is extradited to Iceland from the Netherlands, where he was arrested after escaping low security prison and flight to Sweden.

As it has been mentioned, Sindri Thor Stefansson reportedly took a taxi to the nearest international airport and flew out of the country by plane, which also transported the country’s prime minister.


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