Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Increases Ahead Of Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Increases Ahead Of Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can be considered one of the few digital assets that maintains its weekly gain, as Bitcoin prices began to recede and altcoin fell abrubtly. BCH as well has sales, as a result of which it fell about 7% over the last day, to $ 1,645.99. However the asset is still up to 14% this week, one of the few among the top 10 coins to keep a profit.

The instant cause of growth is the planned non-contentious hard fork on May 15, which can enhance the detection of the asset and increase the hype.

Since the Bitcoin Price seems to be stagnating, reaching $ 9,600, but without signs of an easy crossing of the $ 10,000 barrier, the asset of the hard fork begins to look more attractive.

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Over the past week, the fast valuation of BCH also made the BTC-BCH exchange the most active on Changelly. The automatic exchange service has viewed such activity before, and BCH had its own fast runs, but sales and low prices have followed the hype.

For BCH market prices again meet the Korean markets, where the asset is traded above $ 1,700.

The Bitcoin Cash Network is More useful Now

Certain supercharging and even impulse for the BCH price is as well is also the current adjusted difficulty of mining regulation. Temporarily, this is about 4% more profitable for mining on Bitcoin Cash. Nevertheless, Bitcoin blockchain yet has 20 times higher transaction costs.

However, at the moment, the volume of trading for the recent price increase was reduced compared to the outbreaks last year. It is not known whether the volume of $ 1.1 billion will be able to withstand the recovery in 24 hours if the sales resume.

The Bitcoin Cash community has not abandoned the Bitcoin brand, but fewer direct conversations about “flippening”. BCH transactions are still about 10 times lower than in the BTC network. In addition, Litecoin and DogeCoin networks often achieve higher traffic compared to Bitcoin Cash.



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