Catholic Blockchain –  New Jump To Blockchain Technology

Catholic Blockchain –  New Jump To Blockchain Technology

The Catholic Church can also be integrated in blockchain technology. As per  uCatholic, this is exactly where the technology could be heading to next.

In fact if the Catholic Blockchain will have success, the Catholic Church could benefit greatly from the advantages of this technology.

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The main aim of the platform is to promote and help include blockchain technology into the course of the Catholic Church. One of its co-founders, Brantly Millegan, clarified:

“I believe blockchain technology is one of the most important innovations of the last ten years, and the Catholic Church, as the world’s largest global organization, is uniquely placed to benefit from using it.”

The platform has also set out pragmatic applies of blockchain within the framework of the Church itself, and one of them is providing financial comprehensiveness for the unbanked residents. This advantage has already been commonly publicized with some platforms working hard to overcome this interval.

Depending on the religion, belonging to a church comes with some administrative paperwork, such as Baptism and marriage certificates, births, deaths, and other parish events.

Currently, the Catholic Church is familiar with the particular scandal and, like Bitcoin, has been charged of money laundering in the past. What about money, smart contracts could cover the way to legally filling the Church’s pockets.  The institution could sell parts of land that is not currently being used to investors through smart contracts.

Whereas it’s true that blockchain is finding its place in industries like finance and supply chain management and if successful though, it could be a perfect merger of tradition and technology.

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