Blockchain Voting Is Going To Be Tested In  Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’

Blockchain Voting Is Going To Be Tested In  Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’

According to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation this month in the city of Zug, Switzerland, the citizens will use the eID system to vote using their smartphones as part of a blockchain based voting test. From June 25 to July 1, the citizens will download an app to register to vote.

The city, which is also known as Crypto Valley” due to of its numerous and large  blockchain startups, installed its eID system last November and already has almost 200 users.  In the city of Zug cryptocurrencies are already accepted as means of payment for some services.

The voters will be requested if they think digital ID’s should be used for paying parking fees and to borrow library books. They will also be asked if the digital IDs should be used for next plebiscites.

The results of the votes will not be mandatory insofar as the voting is only a test. The city of Zug is trying to define if blockchain technology can be used on a greater scope.

The eIDs were started in the city last fall in order to give digital access for council services on a test basis. The test gave clients complete control over their data.

The voting pilot will be Switzerland’s first electronic voting test. The government has a plan to suggest two-thirds of the country’s districts to offer electronic voting by the end of next year.

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