Bittrex will Block US Users From Trading in 32 Cryptos

Bittrex stated that it will block the US-based customers from trading in 32 cryptocurrencies. The crypto exchange announced this on its blog.

The declaration states that after Friday, June 21 the United States traders will not have any access to the cryptocurrencies that are listed on Bittrex. This list also includes QTUM and STORJ.

Below is the list of above-mentioned cryptocurrencies.



The USA traders will get an email communication considering the further available options regarding the above-mentioned crypto-assets. Bittrex offers U.S. users to trade the blocked cryptocurrencies for accessible to them crypto-assets. They can also repeal orders and move them off the Bittrex.

Traders from the USA will not be allowed to sell or purchase the aforementioned crypto-assets after new changes come into force, whereas all open orders that involved the mentioned cryptocurrencies will be repealed. Yet, several limited functions regarding those crypto-assets will be accessible to U.S traders and they can transit them to the Bittrex International.

Bittrex International is affiliate of Bittrex that is based in Europe. It lists specific digital assets that are only accessible on the International platform of Bittrex and are not available to U.S. traders.


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