Samourai Wallet is cooperating with the French company Nodl to produce an ad hoc device to make easy the creation of a BTC full-node based on Lightning Network.

Co-founder of the eStore Luczak told that the new device will let people use the wallet application without relying on Samourai servers. This process has been the subject of controversy, since lots of people say that privacy functions of the wallet are not good enough if user transaction data is still stored on a centralized server.

The team of Samourai Wallet tells that new devices will be accessable during the current year. Moreover, the owners of Nodl nodes can upgrade their hardware by adding Dojo software of Samourai Wallet. It’ll include so called Whirlpool feature, which combines BTC transactions from different wallets into packages to hide the source of funds. It is reported:

“In addition to preloading Dojo to Nodl devices, we’ll also preload the Whirlpool desktop mixing, which will give users the ability to access and manage Samourai Wallet transaction on their computer.”

Nodl expects a surge in sales of its devices this year. According to Michel Luczak, the company plans to sell about 500 devices if the current trend continues. He noted:

“For the 1st time, you will receive a one-click install mixing feature that is accessible to anyone.”

In January, Samourai Wallet was forced to remove some security features required by the Google Play Store. The list of these functions includes “Stealth Mode”, “SIM Switch Defense” and “Remote SMS Commands”.


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